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How’s it going everybody, Adrian Simple here and welcome back to The Gaming Observer. It is Wednesday, April 15th. We’ve got some really fun stories today, let’s take a look.

XCOM: Chimera Squad announced, standalone followup

Firaxis announced today XCOM: Chimera Squad. This is the next entry in the series, but is noticably not XCOM 3. This is being marketed as a standalone follow-up to XCOM 2, and if you take a look at the gameplay then you will see why. It’s looks much smaller in scope, but they’re experimenting with things that are really interesting here. First of all, it looks like your squad is pre-set as distinct characters, so my guess will be that the story is tightly woven. They’ve also added a new phase of combat where you have to breach into where the enemies are located, and each squad mate is assigned a specific entry point. Naturally where you place your squad will change how to conflict plays out. They’ve also changed the turn order to go from (you moving all your units, enemies moving all their units) to an initiative system, kinda like tabletop games, where turns are taken on a unit by unit basis. I’m sure there are many more things there, but it certainly looks a lot like XCOM 2, the animations are the same, much of the UI is familar, it seems as though Firaxis just had a cool idea here and wanted to run with it. The best part is that it’s coming out next week, April 24th, and it’s much cheaper at a $20 price tag. Even better, they’re selling it for $10 in these first few weeks of sale, so if you were a fan of XCOM then this is 100% worth taking a look at considering the price tag.

Nintendo Switch software update

The Nintendo Switch just got a software update that has added a few notable things. First of all, you can now move game data to and from an SD card. Games, updates, and DLC can easily move between the two, to be honest I’m surprised that wasn’t there from the start, but nonetheless. The other big thing is that you can now remap controller buttons and save those configurations to work in any game you want. It only works for the Joy-Cons and the Pro Controller, but this is a great step towards better accessibility, and I hope they keep going on that. Besides that, they’ve added some Animal Crossing user icons, which is always fun.

Terraria getting final update on May 16th

For some reason I didn’t include this in yesterday’s update, but Re-Logic has finally announced the release date for Terraria’s fourth and final update, called Journey’s End, as May 16th. This will mark the last major swath of content to the game, which has been continusely worked since it released 9 years ago. Journey’s End is apparently the biggest update the game has ever seen, and certainly there is a lot there, and the developers are going to be moving on to a new project that we don’t know anything about just yet. We really need to give a hand to those folks though, they did an awesome job supporting their community, and their game. I think when we talk about the best living games, you know games that are supported over long periods of time, Terraria is often lost in that shuffle, and they absolutely deserve more recoginition than it even has. Anyway, I’m looking forward to that update, and whatever else they put out afterwards.

Fallout 76 adds Wastelanders update, now available on Steam

Fallout 76 has just released a new update to the game called Wastelanders, which will be bringing human NPCs. This also marks its arrival on Steam, when it was previously exclusive to the Bethesda launcher. Of course a bunch of new content in this update, some missions, a reputation system, NPC recruitment, I’m not sure how well it’ll go over, but I know they’ve been working hard to rebuild the games reputation, so we’ll see how it goes. Unfortunately the Steam page already has the reviews at mixed results, because some Bethesda.net players got the game for free on that platform, and left a review of their interpretation of the game. Lots of negatives there.

Before we close up shop today, please allow me to promote something really quickly here. Katosepe and I just started what we’re calling The Gaming Observer Podcast. So this will be a 45-90 minute show that covers the biggest news in the past week. It’s has a similar to style to this show, very minimal fluff, and it’s going to help expand on a lot of the major stories that I have to fit into 30 seconds for this show. So if you’re interested in hearing that, please search The Gaming Observer on the podcast host of your choice, or go to youtube.com/thegamingobserver, and the first episode is now available. We’re trying to have one released every Tuesday. I’m super excited for this, I hope you enjoy it, and that’ll be all for today. Thank you for joining me my friends, I’ll be back tomorrow with even more news, and until then, happy gaming everyone.

Alright everyone, thanks very much for joining me. I’d also like to thank Nick Myers for leaving me a 5-star review on Amazon, he’s a great guy, I’ll be appearing on his podcast soon, cheers to you Nick. That’ll be all for today, and I’ll be back tomorrow with the news, until then, Happy Gaming Everyone