xCloud rolling out in September, Xbox One discontinued, more

JULY 1, 2020

Daily Gaming Update


How’s it going everybody, Adrian Simple from The Gaming Observer and welcome back to the show for Friday, July 17th.

Microsoft has just announced that Project xCloud is going to be added to the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate edition at no additional cost, beginning this September. So let me break this down here. Xbox Game Pass has three versions of itself, there’s console, PC, and Ultimate, which is both of those plus Xbox Live. If you have an Ultimate subscription in September, then you will also get access to xCloud, which is their version of game streaming, ala Google Stadia. It’s been in preview for the past couple of years, so I guess now they are able to roll it out at a wider scale. 100 games will be available to play, which you don’t have to buy individually, but it’s only on mobile and tablet devices. So there isn’t yet streaming for PC or console, but I can only imagine that is in their pipeline at some point. This is an interesting move because we knew this was going to happen, but we did not know that it was just going to be lumped in — a lot of people expected an additional purchase to get access to xCloud. Which obviously you’ll have to do if you don’t have Game Pass, but really it’s such high value you should definitely be considering it.

In other Xbox news, they have officially discontinued the production of Xbox One consoles. The only thing sticking around is the Xbox One S, which is still being sold, but the S All-Digital Edition, X, and I believe just the regular Xbox One, have been discontinued. Obviously availability will vary as the remaining stock gets sold off and retailers perhaps take in some old consoles to re-sell. But hey, with the Series X around the corner, and the rumours that they’re gonna have a cheaper option which would be comparable in pricing to the current consoles, the move makes sense.

The developers of Hello Neighbour have been acquired, or as VentureBeat puts it, acqui-hired. Indie publisher TinyBuild took the team who made the game, previously under the name of Dynamic Pixels, and will be relocated them to the Netherlands under the name Eerie Guest Studios. TinyBuild actually were the publishers of Hello Neighbour, so the two teams obviously had a working relationship already. They have said that they will be investing $15 million into the franchise, of which the acquisition is part of. Of course they will be investing in expanding that franchise a ton, like they already have, including not just the video games, but board games, graphic novels, animated shows, and books.

A correction from yesterday’s show: I said that PES 2021 was not going to have a physical release, it turns out it will, but it’s technically just the 2020 game that we already have but with a seasonal update. Honestly the marketing around this has been pretty confusing, but I believe this is now the accurate thing to say. The game will be cheaper as a result, but ultimately if you want that content you need to buy it seperately, it won’t be some kind of DLC like I said yesterday. Alright, moving on.

Two things here have been delayed that I figured I should tell you about. First of all is Destiny 2, which had a the Beyond Light expansion scheduled for September 22nd, now coming out on November 10th, so a few months delay. They said “The past few months have been a challenge and will continue to be during this pandemic. We’ve learned to create together in a new way, by having to work apart from one another.” The other thing here is Rogue Legacy 2, which was originally hitting Early Access next week, is now coming on August 18th. They basically said that some features were close to being done, and they’d rather finish them completely before launching the game, as opposed to working on it through the Early Access period. Cool beans.

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