X019, Embracer Group Q2, Battle Breakers, more



How’s it going everybody, Adrian Simple here from thegamingobserver.com, for Friday, November 15th. We’ve got a ton to cover, let’s get into.

Many announcements from Microsoft XO19

So Microsoft are currently holding their annual X0 event, and kicked it off with an Inside Xbox which had a ton of announcements so let’s get through these. First is the newest game from Obsidian called Grounded. This is a survival game where you play a really small human, which everyone is comparing to “Honey I Shrunk The Kids,” it looks cute. It was made by a small team within the company, and will be the first game from them that Xbox is publishing. Next is a new game frome Rare called Everwild, which will co-exist with the ongoing development of Sea of Thieves. No real details on this one, but its a fantasy game and it looks super pretty. And the last major new IP announced is called Tell Me Why, which is the next narrative adventure from DontNod, who made Life is Strange. This will be the first playable video game from a major studio and publisher that has a main character who is transgender. That’s what the studio is claiming, and based on my cursory research it appears as though that’s true. The core mechanic is based on the bond between two main characters who are twins. Very happy to see to see this, I think DontNod has a good reputation to take something like this on, and I hope that it will become a catalyst for more games like it. There were also some indie games announced that maybe I can cover tomorrow. Other than that, over 50 games have been announced for the Xbox Game Pass, including The Witcher 3, Final Fantasy 7-15, and that includes 14, Life Is Strange 2, and when they release, Bleeding Edge, and Wasteland 3. If you’re interested in game pass they still have the deal where you can get three months of it for $1, so wicked cheap, and many of those games are playable on PC as well.

Embracer Group Q2 financials

The Embracer Group, formerly THQ Nordic, had their Q2 financial results, more than doubling their games revenue year-over-year. The games division is up 117%, which was thanks to the launch of Wreckfest and many catalogued titles. That success however balances out the losses they saw in publishing, which is down 51%, which puts their overall sales at pretty much even to last year. In the quarter they acquired five companies, notably Milestone and Gunfire Games. They’re still looking very strong as a company and the CEO Lars Wingefors continues to stress the importance of taking their time with developing games, despite having 86 of them in going at the same. In the next quarter they are looking forward to Shenmue III and Darksiders Genesis.

This War of Mine gets a Final Cut, free update

This War of Mine turns five years old this month, and to celebrate 11 Bit Studios has released a Final Cut for the game. This is a big content update that is free on PC, which includes a new character and scenario. I’ve tried to play this game multiple times and each time I just never want to return to its dreary evironment. Maybe this update will finally push me through.

Epic spontaneously launches Battle Breakers

Epic Games have spontaneously released a brand new video game called Battle Breakers on PC and mobile phones. This is a turn-based hero collector RPG, with literally 19 different currencies, and it seems like the quintessential F2P mobile money grab. I’m not going to lie this seems like a strange one to release following the success of Fortnite, and totally not what I expected from them. I hope they prove me wrong though.

Alright that’s all for today but a huge number of Amazon reviews just came through, so I want to give a big thank you to everyone, so Blake, Eisblume, Slayer, Danny, Phil, Jason, droid 2, and Rob. Thank you everyone you were all so kind in your messages. I will be back tomorrow, as I am every day, and until then…Happy Gaming everyone.