Worms Rumble announced, Plague Tale sells 1 million, more

JULY 1, 2020

Daily Gaming Update


How’s it going everybody, Adrian Simple here and welcome back to the Gaming Observer for Thursday, July 2nd.

Team17 has just announced the newest entry in the Worms franchise, titled Worms Rumble. They’re doing a bit of innovation this time around, because combat is going into real time, as opposed to the turn-based system that is typical. It still very much looks like a Worms game, but the pacing has changed dramatically. There are now 32 players in match, which can be played in either a classic Deathmatch format, or in a battle royale-like mode. It will have cosmetics which appears as though it can be bought with microtransactions, but don’t quote me on that. It’ll be arriving on PC, Playstation 4, and Playstation 5 later this year, no word yet on an Xbox release it doesn’t seem like there will be one, but it will have crossplay. You can also sign up for the Steam beta, if you are so inclined.

Speaking of microtransactions, I guess there has been some confusion about whether or not the new Crash Bandicoot 4 was going to have it, and we now have confirmation that it in fact does not. They had some controversies in the past with Crash Team Racing, because they added microtransactions a month after releasing the game, which I guess people weren’t so happy about. Anyway, just as a reminder, Crash 4 comes out on October 2nd on the PS4 and Xbox.

The game A Plague Tale: Innocence has reached one million sales, which is a fantastic number for an indie studio their size. Folks if you haven’t already I encourage you to check this out, it’s a really interesting game where you follow two kids escaping the Inquisition in the middle of the Bubonic plague. There’s also some supernatural elements at play there, but man is it ever a fun experience. In terms of gameplay it kinda reminded me of Tomb Raider, maybe a little more linear, but the narrative was absolutely tremendous. Go give that a look, again A Plague Tale: Innocence, it’s also available on the Xbox Game Pass.

Once again speaking of the Xbox Game Pass, they are still adding just a ton of games to the service, this time around its Fallout 76 on both the console and PC versions. This is a really big move, and considering the work they’ve done on the game, probably a great time to be on something like this. That comes July 9th, I’ll definitely be checking out and letting you know how it holds up. Currently available they’ve also just added Soulcaliber 6 on console, and Out of the Park Baseball 21 on PC, which is a baseball management game, it looks really cool.

The game Ooblets is officially entering Early Access on July 15th. If you missed this one, it’s another game in the genre of life simulator, I guess you can call it, like Stardew Valley. But it also has these little creatures called Ooblets that you can collect and battle, kind of like Pokemon. Anyway, it’s been pretty well marketed over the past year or so — I mean, not always in a positive way, but at the very least people are talking about the game. So it’s got a pretty high profile, anyway, might be worth your time, that’s spelled Ooblets. It’ll be on the Epic Games Store and Xbox for $20.

Shoutout to MrMKenyon and Rebecca for leaving 5-star reviews.