World War Z sales, C64 announced, more



How’s it going everybody, Adrian Simple here from The Gaming Observer, and this is your Daily Gaming Update for June 26th, 2019. I am back from vacation better than ever, be sure to head over to for links and a transcript.

World War Z sells 700,000 copies on EGS

It has been revealed by Saber Interactive that World War Z has sold well over two million copies of the game, 700,000 of which are from the Epic Games Store exclusivity. CEO Matthew Karch says “…we are performing way above expectations thanks to the support we have received from the Epic Games Store…we always believed the game would find a good following on PC eventually. The surprise was just how quickly it happened, and how important Epic’s platform was in getting us there.” You can add this to Epic’s success with exclusivity deals, following Ubisoft’s public declaration of confidence, and Coffee Stain’s impression of Satisfactory. Thus far, the only indication of a AAA exlusive game being dissapointed is THQ Nordic’s Metro Exodus, though that hasn’t necessarily been confirmed.

Commodore 64 getting re-released

The Commodore 64 is going to be the latest console to get a re-release, though it isn’t mini-version. What they are calling the C64 is going to be a full-sized replica with a complete keyboard, arriving on December 5th for about $130. A bunch of Commodore games will come preinstalled on the device, as well as 2017 shooter Galencia. This follows the growing list of retro-rereleases, including consoles like the Playstation Classic, NES Mini, and Sega Genesis Mini.

Steam Summer Sale 2019 launches

The Steam Summer sale has officially begun, which includes a racing-themed event that gets people to join teams and accomplish unique quests in their games. There are some decent sales in there, but nothing exceptional and probably nothing you haven’t seen before. This unfortunately speaks to how sales have declined on that platform in the last couple of years, which they’ve attempted to create excitement around with their events, but don’t succeed in so much with financials considered.

Heavy Rain released on PC for the first time. Teamfight Tactics open beta goes live

In terms of game releases, Heavy Rain just came out on the Epic Games Store, formerly exclusive to PlayStation, we’ll see how that performs, but if you haven’t played it…Well, it’s a little dated but you might get a good experience out of it for $20. Other than that, Riot Games’ interpretation of Dota Auto Chess is called Teamfight Tactics, and they are getting an open beta today, and it will be free to play. They will be competing for attention with the original dev’s standalone game Auto Chess, and Valve’s version called Dota Underlords.

That’s all the news for today. Thank YOU for tuning in and sticking with me through my vacation. A big thanks to TK, Lisamarie, Matthew, Michael, Jeff, and Joseph, ALL for leaving me 5-star reviews on Amazon while I was away. My name is Adrian Simple, see you tomorrow, and Happy Gaming everyone!

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