Witcher news, Embracer acquires Tarsier, more



How’s it going everybody, Adrian Simple here from thegamingobserver.com and welcome to your daily gaming update for Monday, December 23rd. The news is sparse thanks to the holidays, but we’ve got some nuggets here, so lets take a look.

First of all, let’s talk about The Witcher. If you didn’t know, a while back the author of the books had a problem because he sold the IP rights to CD Projekt for a lump sum, and basically didn’t get any royalities off the very successful game. Well, they were obviously having some issues over that, and just recently they signed a new deal. There’s no details, but it certainly appears as though both parties are happy. And, speaking of The Witcher, the Netflix series has just released, to very polarizing reviews. It seems like critics did not like it, but all of the audience scores are pretty high, so I’m not sure why the dichotomy is there. I’m hoping to watch some of it soon and I’ll let you know what I think as someone with a very basic understanding of the franchise, but if you’ve watched it I’d also be curious to know your take.

Embracer Group has made yet another acquisition, this time around its Tarsier Studios, who are the people who made games like Little Nightmares and VR title Statik. Unfortunately the IP rights to Little Nightmares will remain with the publisher, who is Bandai Namco. The acquisition was for $10.5 million, they will remain autonomous, and will begin working on new IPs after completing development on Little Nightmares 2.

Mario Kart Tour has begun its multiplayer beta test, but unfortunately it is only available to those with the $5/month subscription, and will end on December 27th. Seems a little silly that this wasn’t a mode in the game at launch, but I suppose better late than never if people are enjoying the game. Nintendo has warned that there might be crashes and lag because it is still a beta.

Borderlands 3 has released its first story expansion, Moxxie’s Heist of the Handsome Jackpot. This is intended for players who have reached at least level 13 and that it will level-scale even if you are way past that number. Check it out, it’s more Borderlands and I know for a lot of people, that’s all you need.

Hey folks, I talked about this on Friday, but just another reminder that beginning tomorrow I go home for the holidays and creating content is going to be super tough. I have a placeholder message ready to go, and I promise I will do my best, but no guarantees. If nothing else, I will be back on next Monday, so I’ll only be gone a week at max.

Okay that is all for today, I want to thank you very much for tuning in, and I’d also like to thank Blake, Eklips, and Jermaine all for leaving me 5-star reviews on Amazon. My friends I will be back soon, and until then, happy holidays, and Happy Gaming Everyone.