What games are we playing during these stressful times? | Mailbag

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Today’s question: What games are you playing during these crazy times, and why?


How’s it going everybody, Adrian Simple here and welcome back to The Gaming Observer. It is Sunday, April 5th, and today it’s the mailbag. Today was a really fun topic, let’s see what you had to say.

Okay so this week’s question was the following: what games are you playing during this crazy times of virus, and why. I tried to choose the most unique answers here for the show, but please know that I read always read every single one of your messages, and I appreciate it greatly. First answer here comes from Jarla, who says that she is playing Minecraft and Ark Survival, and the reason is because “open world survival and building is what pulls at my heart and comforts me.” And I think that that is really pertinent right now, she says there’s a lot of reasons to be stressed out, and so she has gone back to the games that are actualy just comforting to her. She’s also done some baking, painting, and crafting which I’m sure a lot of us have been doing as well. I know Shelby has been baking up a storm, I’m loving that.

Next person here is Mike who typed up this really great message about a game called The Long Dark. And basically what he says is that the game makes him feel more at home than in real life, considering everything everything that’s going on. He says here “it’s a mix of survivasl and sci-fi mystery over the top of a calm, quiet, unknown landscape…The game’s environment really sucks me in on cold, lonely nights and I almost feel a sense of worry for my character when I’m not playing.” The Long Dark is definitely this weird mix of like peaceful environments mixed with stressful situations. I can totally get how you could escape into that world though, it’s a lot of fun. It’s not low-pressure by any means, but they did a great job of combining everything together to make the environment feel real.

Here’s an interesting one from Anna Marie, she says “I am an outlier — I don’t have a comfort game that I go back to over and over…I’ll listen to audiobooks.” And I think there is definitely something to be said there. Just because we may love video games and want them to be a part of our life, that doesn’t mean they are the answer to everything. If it’s causing you more stress than it should, there’s nothing wrong with picking up something like an audiobook or some other entertainment meidum. Video games aren’t going anywhere.

This is a great one, from Adam and his son Jason, long time listeners, they’ve just subscribed to the Xbox Game Pass. He puts it nicely here “It’s really a great deal…a pretty good variety of games for him and for co-op / family time…and it let’s him try out something new every few days…as a parent I like not having to spend as much on new games.” And he’s right, the Game Pass has a wonderful library on both the console and PC, and first time purchasers get it for like $1, it’s so worth it. And it’s great because if you have free time right now, or just don’t want to stress over what to purchase, you got lots of opportunities there.

The last thing I’ll do here is kinda of a compilation notes, which is connecting together with friends through video games. Joe is playing Dauntless with his friends, because it has crossplay which is really an awesome feature to have right now. Aubrey is playing Sims 4 and then streaming it to her friend group that normally gets together to watch movies every week, I thought that was really fun. Bobbie is just playing the fun co-op multiplayer games like Mario Kart, Borderlands, and even doing some Street Fighter tournaments. And lastly, I’ll just say it, Tablestop Simulator. That came from a lot of people, and I think it’s really smart, check it out on Steam if you haven’t before.

Alright folks thanks so much for submitting your answers, and I’m sorry if I couldn’t get to yours. If you’re interested, check out the mailbag channel of the Discord and you can see a whole bunch of people’s responses which were a lot of fun. That’ll be all for today, I’m back with the news tomorrow, and until then, happy gaming everyone.