What game do you love and hate at the same time?

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How’s it going everybody, Adrian Simple here from thegamingobserver.com and welcome to listener interaction day, Sunday January 26th. Thank you very much for submitting your answers to today’s question, which is what is game that you both love and hate at the same time. Thanks to NCIceman for suggesting the question, let’s see what you said.

First answer comes from long-time listener Kyle, who says Mass Effect. He thinks its one of the best stories that Bioware ever put out, and loved every bit of it the first time he played. However, now that the series has developed some more, he finds it very difficult to replay. He says here “Every bit of gameplay from the first game, from the planetside exploration in the Mako to something as simple as the equipment system is so teeth-gratingly bad that any enthusiasm I have for a playthrough is lost in the first couple of hours.” I think this is an interesting answer to the question because he knows that there is an underlying narrative that he wants to explore again, but is inhibited by outdated design. I can empathize with that as someone who struggles to play through old games. And indeed we have a similar answer here from another long-time listener, his name is Will, and for him its the original Resident Evil. He loved the story and atmosphere, but the dialogue, tank controls, and voice acting are “all so terrible”.

Here’s another one from Jackal Osiris, who says their game is State of Decay. Now they made it very clear to me that they are a huge zombie fan, they love all the zombie games and they play State of Decay all the time. And he says he loves the game because its mindless fun, you can run around shooting zombies in an open world without a care to be had. However, if you’re unfamiliar with the game, essentially once your character dies, that’s it, you have to start again with another character who is in the same world as the one who just died. And that’s something that he really hates, saying that one time he had a maxed out character, his best of the best, and then he got in a sticky situation and lost them. And you know I can definitely understand this one, but in another vein, I really like the concept. Maybe it’s just because I like it in D&D, but to me there’s something really cool about creating a story and a relationship with a character you create, and letting death be a part of that character’s story arc. I try to keep that in mind whenever I’m feeling down about losing like a character in XCOM or something like that.

Ok and the last one for today comes from Zach who says his game is Super Ghouls ‘n’ Ghosts, which if you don’t know was an arcade game which went to the Amiga, and the Sega Genesis. He says “Love everything about the gameplay but its so difficult and when you get to the end of the game you find out you have to play the entire game over again with a special weapon to get to the final boss.” Oh man do I ever hate that. Most of the time when I play a game I’m usually keeping track of how far along I am, and I’d hate to have that sprung on me.

Ok folks that’s all for today, thank you for submitting your answers, and if you’d like to hear mine, feel free to tune in to the TGO After-Show. As you know I am here every Monday-Friday with the news, which means I’ll be back tomorrow, so until then…happy gaming everyone.