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Full list of UPlay+ games revealed

Ubisoft has revealed the full list of games coming to Uplay+, which is their $15/month subscription service coming in September. It’s actually pretty impressive, there’s a lot here you can get. Some highlights here, Anno 1800, For Honor, the South Park games, as well as full collections of Assassin’s Creed, Far Cry, Might & Magic, Prince of Persia, Rayman, The Settlers, the Tom Clancy series, Trials, and Watch_Dogs. There are over 100 games here, and in most cases you get access to the premium editions, which will bring various DLC and will let you do things like play all the characters in Rainbow Six Siege. You’ll also get access to every upcoming title from Ubisoft, such as Watch_Dogs Legion, Gods & Monsters, and Ghost Recon Breakpoint. Whether or not you subscribe to Uplay+ is highly dependant on how interested you are in these games, but Ubisoft definitely put their best foot forward on this one, really doing the best they could with their catalogue.

Gamestop introduces new ideas for retail stores

You know, Gamestop has really been struggling these past few years, and after they failed to find someone to buy them out, they’ve been trying to reform. Well, the first major iteration of that appears to be on its way. They have recently outlined some of the renovations and changes they plan on testing with their physical store. They’ve said that they want to introduce new ways for customers to try games before purchasing them, and want to pilot new concepts for a physical store, such as deedicated e-sports areas and location that sell only retro softrware and hardware. Stuff like this isn’t too surprising – they need ways to innovate the video games portion of the store, as it’s losing tons of money compared to their accessories and collectibles. We’ll see how it pans out though.

Disney hires former Playstation exec, John Drake

Disney has hired a new VP of business development and licensing for games, John Drake. This is pretty significant, as he lead the PlayStation acquisition efforts for the past five years, so that tells you how significant this move. It’s also not surprising, the Disney CEO himself has said that they could be doing better with their games, so perhaps bringing in someone like Drake will mean we see lots more from Disney.

Tropico 6 to consoles September 27th.
Tetris Effect to PC (EGS exclusive) July 23rd.
Reigns: The Council board-game announced.

Okay three rapid fire stories here. Tropico 6 is coming to consoles, releasing on Playstation and Xbox on September 27th. Tetris Effect, the highly visual music-based version of the game, is headed to PC on July 23rd as an EGS exclusive. And finally, the hit mobile game Reigns is turning into a board game. It’ll be called Reigns: The Council, and it will launch imminently as a fast-paced asymmetrical party game for 3-6 players.

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