Untitled Goose Game, WoW Class Phase 2, more



How’s it going everybody, Adrian Simple here from thegamingobserver.com, for Friday October 4th. Today’s show is going to be a short one, because there’s not really a lot of news, but I’ve also got an unfortunate headache. Let’s take a look.

Untitled Goose Game likely headed to consoles

Untitled Goose Game has been all over the place these past few weeks, and it looks like the studio that made it isn’t done with it just yet. They’ve just revealed that they hope to port the game to Playstation and Xbox, after which time they will begin a new project. It may also see like on mobile phones, but they seemed less enthusiastic about that.

WoW Classic will likely enter phase 2 pre-2020

WoW Classic has just been given a rough new roadmap. The second phase of content planned for it has been as good as confirmed for a pre-2020 release. Implementing this phase proved to be a little difficult for them, because of their use of layering. Essentially the copied the game worlds on top of itself with server that were crazy populated. This let a lot more players into the game at once, but it isn’t going to work with the way they want Phase 2 bosses to operate. So they’ve slowly been working on eliminating the layering system, which has gotten easier as players have fallen off over the past little bit.

Crash Team Racing gets spooky

Crash Team Racing is possibly the first game to get spooky this month, as it begins some seasonal content. From today until November 4th, you can compete for a bunch of Halloween-esque items including an all-new racing track called “Nina’s Nightmare.” I’m looking forward to seeing what other games can pull off this month.

Return of the Obra Dinn headed to consoles October 18th

The famous indie game Return of the Obra Dinn has confirmed a console release date for October 18th. This is Playstation, Xbox, and Switch, you can now play Return of the Obra Dinn. Highly praised in the community, lots of staunch supporters of the game. It also won best art direction at the Game Awards last year.

Ok that’s going to be all for today, sorry its so short. I’d like to send the happiest of birthdays to Jason, who is turning 13 years old today. Happy Birthday my friend, and I hope you pick up tons of Victory Royales today, you’ve earned it. I’ll be back tomorrow as always and until then…Happy Gaming everyone!