Untitled Goose Game wins GOTY, PS5 cost insights, more

Daily Gaming Update



How’s it going everybody, Adrian Simple here from thegamingobserver.com and welcome back to your daily gaming update for, Monday, February 17th. There is lots of news from the weekend so let’s get into it.

The Annual DICE awards have concluded, which is a pretty major awards show that is voted by a large number of people, but they all work in the games industry, so it is peer voted. And taking Game of the Year, to the surprise of many, is Untitled Goose Game. This is particularly notable because the game was made by quite a small studio from Australia, and that category usually belongs to the major AAA games of the year. For example the last few have been God of War, Breath of the Wild, Overwatch, and Fallout 4. The game also won the indie game award and best character award. The big winner of the event though is Remedy’s Control, which took awards for action game, game direction, art direction, and music composition. There’s a whole bunch more categories if you’re interested, I just thought I’d mention that the Goose Game managed to get away with a major win, and that makes me happy.

According to anonymous sources speaking to the website Bloomberg, the Playstation 5 is going to cost Sony $450 to manufacture per unit. Production costs are high because apparently the components within it are high quality, especially the cooling system. If this remains the case for them, then we’re likely looking somehwhere between a 450 and $500 price tag. For comparison, they previously sold the PS4 for $400, when it was estimated that it cost $381 to manufacture, so these margins are super thin. The final price will rely on a few things, and one of them is ultimately what Xbox is going to price their console at, which we probably won’t know until E3 in June. The last note here is that Sony is expecting a slow conversion from PS4 to PS5, so they’re going to be ensuring that the games they make are available on both for a while.

Quantic Dream, who are the developers behind games like Heavy Rain and Detroit: Become Human, are now fully independant. This means they will begin self-publishing their own games. This came around thanks to the success of Detroit, an investment from NetEase, as well as the ports of their games to PC. This will give them a little more freedom with their creations, as if they needed it, and will mean they are likely no longer limited to putting games on Playstation.

The Sonic the Hedgehog movie is looking to be one of the most successful movies based on a video game of all time. In the opening weekend it grossed $57 million in the US, breaking the opening weekend record set by Detective Pikachu. Worldwide it has made $100 million, but there are still many weeks to go, so we’ll see how it shakes out.

Remedy Entertainment is doing very well right now. In 2019, they brought in 6.5 million Euros of profit, which was possible thanks to them developing Control for under 30 million Euros. Although these numbers aren’t groundbreaking, they are sustainable for the company, and they’ll be releasing two expansions later this year. They also have two more projects in the works, one of which is a multiplayer live-service game. I’m excited to see what they bring to the table, I love that company.

Alright folks, thank you very much for tuning in, it really means a lot to me. And tomorrow I’m going to be back talking about the games I’ve been playing for the last two weeks, so I’ll be back! And until then…Happy Gaming everyone.