Untitled Goose Game sells 1 million, SUPERHOT VR, more



How’s it going everybody, Adrian Simple here from thegamingobserver.com and welcome to your daily gaming update for Tuesday, December 31st. My friends as I mentioned the news has been slow with most everyone being on holidays right now. As a result, today, will be a super quick show. Hopefully the regular news cycle will return soon but in the meantime, let’s see what we’ve got.

Untitled Goose Game hits 1 million units sold

Alright so like I said today’s show will be pretty quick, but let’s start with a fan favourite here, Untitled Goose Game. Turns out that only three months after launch, the game has sold one million copies. This is a tremendous accomplishment, especially from such a small games studio. I hope that they are able to take this and run with it into the future with some new games.

SUPERHOT VR grosses $2 million in 7 days

We’ve got another milestone here with SUPERHOT VR, which doesn’t necessarily have an all-time record, but in the last 7 dfays has grossed over 2 million dollars, which is likely thanks to the holiday season. I think that really shows the power of having a great game on a platform with not a lot of options, but SUPERHOT is also perfect for that medium. I got the chance to play the demo in VR a few days ago and it like transcended my gaming experiences.

Tower of Time free on GOG.com

Here’s a heads up that there’s another free game you can get your hands on, besides the Epic Games Store, and it comes our way of GOG.com. Head over there and you can pick up Tower of Time, which is a tactical dungeon crawler. To be honest I hadn’t heard of it before this giveaway but it looks like lots of people enjoyed it despite some difficulty in the beginning, so it’s at least worth a look.

Okay that is all for today I’d like to thank you very much for tuning in. As you know I am here every Monday-Friday with the news, which means I’ll be back tomorrow and until then, Happy Gaming Everyone.