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How’s it going everybody, Adrian Simple here from thegamingobserver.com and this is your daily gaming update for Thursday, May 14th. There are a number of things to take a look at here today, let’s start with Epic Games.

Today, Epic held a tech demo to officially announce Unreal Engine V. This video is like 10 minutes long just showing off all the new things that the engine can do, and it is seriously impressive. This demo ran on the Playstation 5, so if you want to get a look at what developers are capable of doing on that platform, make sure you check this video out, the graphics are near-photorealistic. When Shelby looked over my shoulder she said “That looks like a movie.” The big focuses were on geometry and graphics, dynamic lighting, water physics, and sound. So this version of the engine will go into preview early next year, and will launch late 2021, supporting current and next game consoles, PC, and mobile. Now we know that Epic has done a lot of really great things for the gaming industry and game developers, here’s even more. First of all, they have changed their royalty system. Before, they took 5% of revenue on everything past $3000 per quarter. Now, they don’t take your money unless you bring in $1,000,000 in revenue, and it also won’t kick in unless you’re getting $10,000 per quarter. So that’s just really great value for indie devs. Not only that, but they have now fully launched the Epic Online Services, which is a developer kit that lets anybody easily implement multiplayer into their games. So that’s a friend list, matchmaking, lobbies, leaderboards, and cross-platform play. Now that is using Epic’s account system, because the goal is to unify friend lists across platforms, and they have one of the biggest userbases in the world with Fortnite, so they have a good start. Anyway, great day for developers, which means an even better day for us players. Check out that tech demo seriously it’ll blow your freakin mind.

2K has just announced that the Mafia trilogy is officially being remastered. Every single one game, the first one from 2002, the second one from 2010, and the third one from 2016. Now the information is a little scattered, they did say more details will be arriving next week. However, thanks to a store listing, it appears as though the Mafia 2 remaster will launch on that same day, the 19th. The first Mafia game also has a store listing, this one being labelled a remake instead of a remaster, and that is listed to have an August 27th launch date. So these remasters aren’t releasing in the same order they originally did, or at least that’s how it appears. Anyway, full official details coming next week, I hope you’re excited.

Halo 2: Anniversary is now available on PC. It’s fully up to par, with “new models and textures, remastered cutscenes, support for higher resolutions, [and] adjustable FoV”. That’ll include basically everything you’d expect from the game as well, so a campaign, online multiplayer, and the Theater replay viewer. Apparently the Forge isn’t ready yet, but its on the way. I mentioned this a few weeks ago, but it’ll be $10 if you want to buy it, or pick up the Master Chief Collection for $30, which has every Halo game up to 4. On PC they’re still getting it ready though, so 3, ODST, and 4 are on the way. And of course I’ll say it till the end of the time, the collection is also available on the Xbox Game Pass. Super cheap, super worth it.

To my Nintendo Switch players, there is a game I want you to have your eye on, it’s called What The Golf. This is a super ridiculous mini-golf game which got popular on mobile through the Apple Arcade, but also on PC, and people absolutely loved it. I’ll quote the article here because it sums it up nicely, “What starts out as a briefly ordinary golfing affair rapidly spirals out of control, mutating into a faintly WarioWare-esque mini-game compilation, in which the basic rules of the sport are re-jigged and re-written each time.” So that’s heading to the eshop with a $20 price tag. It comes out next week, however if you buy it before the 28th then the game is 25%. It’s worth it for some silly fun, and I think the game would be perfect for the Switch. Again, that’s What The Golf.

Alright folks that’ll for today, thanks a ton for joining me here, and I’ll be back tomorrow with the news. Until then my friends, Happy Gaming everyone.