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How’s it going everybody, Adrian Simple here from The Gaming Observer, for Monday September 9th, 2019. for links and transcript. Folks, thanks so much for letting me take weekends off of the news, I greatly appreciate that, and I hope you enjoyed Saturday’s mailbag segment. For now, we have the weekend news to catch up on, let’s take a look.

UK Charts, week ending September 7th

The UK physical charts are in for the week ending September 7th. Taking the #1 spot was NBA 2K20, which is unusual for US sports games, but nonetheless. #2 was a re-entry on the charts, with the Spyro trilogy making its way to the Nintendo Switch. Interestingly while it did hit #2, it was still less than 10% of what it sold on the PS4. The other new games to make the charts were Catherine: Full Body at #9, the Monster Hunter expansion “Iceborne” at #20, and the steelbook Batman Arkham Collection at #39. Now you might remember last week had four new entries in the top four, well they’ve plummeted on the charts, except for one: Man of Medan at #3. The rest were toppled by the usuals that you see in the top 10.\

Cube World releasing after 6 years of silence

Six years after the initial announcement of the game Cube World will be officially releasing some time in the next month or two. You might remember Cube World from 2013, where it was released as a paid alpha with the promise of multiple updates throughout its lifecycle. Well, the game ended up getting DDOS attacked, and so the updates stagnated. People who bought the game basically didn’t hear from the developer Wolfram von Funck after that point. He opened up about that saying the server attacks were very traumatising to him, and that he’s been dealing with anxiety and depression ever since. Since social media obviously didn’t help, he went radio silent until he felt he had a solid product. That product now exists, a voxel-based open-world RPG that is different every playthrough. Multiplayer is available, and everyone who bought the alpha will get a Steam key. My best of luck to von Funck, I hope people love his game.

Matt Makes Games rebrands to Extremely OK Games

The creators of Celeste are called Matt Makes Games. Well, they used to be called that. They’ve now officially rebranded to Extremely OK Games, or EXOK for short. Founder Matt Thorson said “I started Matt Makes Games when I was working solo in my parents’ basement…on Towerfall my collaborators took a larger role than I anticipated, and on Celeste, it was obvious that calling ourslves Matt Makes Games had become silly.” The studio will be consolidating in Vancouver, where three of the developers formerly worked out of Sao Paulo. They have begun work on a new project.

WoW Classic gets DDOS attacked. Gears 5 off to a rocky start

Two different games had technical difficulties this weekend. The first was WoW Classic, which was the subject of a DDOS attack. They continue to monitor that situation but of course it sucks allaround. The other game was Gears 5, which had issues both in their singleplayer and multiplayer. They said that they’re hoping to iron out the kinks before the major public release tomorrow.

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That is all for today, I’ll be back tomorrow as scheduled with the news, and until then…Happy Gaming everyone!