Ubisoft Forward and Devolver Direct, Far Cry 6, more

JULY 13, 2020

Daily Gaming Update

How’s it going everybody, Adrian Simple here from The Gaming Observer and welcome back to your daily gaming update for Monday, July 13th. We’ve got lots of news to get into here today, so let’s jump right in.
Alright so this past weekend we had two digital conferences, on Saturday we had the Devolver Digital event, and on Sunday the Ubisoft Forward event. I’m gonna say that you definitely don’t need to go out of your way to watch those shows, it probably wasn’t worth the time unless you really enjoy the meta-storyline th at Devolver likes to do with their events. I’ll go over some of the announcements here today, but for an even better rundown you should tune in to the TGO Podcast which will live on Twitch on Tuesday, it’ll also be available afterwards on Youtube and the podcast host of your choice. The biggest announcement is that of Far Cry 6, which will be starring Giancarlo Esposito, who is most well known as a major villain from Breaking Bad. We haven’t gotten basically any details about the game, that probably won’t come for a few months, but there’s plenty cinematics if you are into the story. That’ll be releasing on February 18th. And to be honest that’s pretty much everything new from Ubisoft. They did show off some Watch Dogs, some Assassin’s Creed, some Hyper Scape, but ultimately it was all pre-existing stuff. Devolver Digital had just as little going on, but the presentation was a little more exciting as they tend to be. I would say the most interesting thing is that they’ve released something called Devolverland Expo, which is what they call a marketing simulator, where you walk around an abandoned convention center which has been filled virtual booths and trailers from the company, which I thought was an interesting idea. Either way, plenty of other news to look at, so let’s move on.
EA Sports has just announced their newest game, UFC 4. I’m sure there isn’t much here that is going to surprise you, it’ll have the typical game modes, a big roster, and all the other goodies that EA likes to pack into their sports games. Just like in UFC 3 they hilariously have Bruce Lee in the game, so maybe there’s some extra incentive to take a look, but otherwise it’s just good to know that the game exists. 
The next Superhot game is called Superhot Mind Control Delete, and it’s going to be releasing on July 16th, so in three days. This one slipped under my radar somehow, it’s a new Superhot game and yet this is the first time I’m hearing about it. Even better, they are going to be giving the game away for free to anybody who purchased the first game. That’s two million copies that they are just handing out, which is really kind of them. It’s more Superhot, and that’s very exciting to me.
Amazon’s big MMO called New World has been delayed once again. We were originally expecting this game a few months ago, but they delayed it to late August. Now, they shooting for a Spring 2021 release. It feels like this game has been in the conversation forever, and now it’s going to stick around just a bit longer. Hopefully with Crucible going back into beta, this can be Amazon’s second breath, if you will.
Persona 4 Golden has sold 500,000 copies of the game on PC, after releasing for the first time on the platform just a few weeks ago. That is insanely good, considering the game is not brand new, and was already wildly popular on a different console. Fingers crossed that this will bode well for future releases of the franchise on PC. And if you haven’t played Persona yet, hey I haven’t either, but it’s often considered one of the best JRPGs of all time, so maybe give it a look.