Ubisoft battle royale Hyper Scape announced, Roblox numbers, more

JUNE 30, 2020

Daily Gaming Update


How’s it going everybody, Adrian Simple here from The Gaming Observer and this is your daily news update for Tuesday, June 30th. I’ve got an exciting show for you here today, let’s get into it.

Ubisoft has just announced/teased a new video game called Hyper Scrape. The marketing for this is pretty confusing, but here are the details. This is developed by the Montreal team, and it is an FPS battle royale. There’s not too many more details, but we know that it is supposedly hyper targeted to livestreamers, where something like Twitch chat is going to be able to influence the game. It’s a pretty tight turnaround as well, it goes into open beta in two weeks, July 12th, and the console version comes later this year with crossplay. I won’t lie, entering the current market with a new battle royale is a tough sell, but of course I wish them all the best. More information comes on July 2nd, and you head over to prismatadimensions.com if you want to see some story elements. And of course links to every story are always available on thegamingobserver.com

Hey just in case you wanted another reminder about how crazily popular the game Roblox is, then here it is. To-date, players have spent more than $1.5 billion dollars on the mobile version of the game alone. $100 million of that came in the month of May alone, which was its best performing month ever in terms of revenue. And again, that’s the mobile version, forget about desktop and how much money that’s gotta be making. Roblox is in this really interesting position because not a lot of people talk about the game at the level of something like Minecraft or Fortnite, but it performs just as well, which is just insane to think about.

Call of Duty is getting a bunch of new content in an upcoming update titled Season 4: Reloaded. Looking at the battle royale first, Warzone, they’re going to be introducing a limited time game mode which puts 200 players onto a map at one time, so that’s 50 teams of 4. They’ve also got some new contracts on the way, some new equipment, and another gamemode where a single Juggernaut Suit gets airdropped into the game. Kinda reminds me of the Thanos crossover from Fortnite. In the regular Modern Warfare multiplayer, they’ve got a new multiplayer map, and the reintroduction of the Team Defender mode. All of this is now available in the game, which by the way if you haven’t played I’ve heard great things about, feel free to check it out.

Hunt: Showdown is officially adding a singleplayer mode to the game. If you don’t know this is a monster-hunting first person shooter from Crytek, which is usually PvP and PvE. Coming on Friday though is the ability to play the game all by yourself, alongside a bunch of content updates. It doesn’t seem like it’ll be all that comprehensive, they’ve got some sniper and parkour trials in there, as well as the ability to just explore the empty levels, but hey at least its something. Crytek will soon be releasing the Crysis remaster, so feel free to keep an eye out for that as well.

Diablo 2 has just turned 20 years old. The game launched on June 29th of the year 2000, and set a record for the fastest-selling computer game ever sold, at 1 million units in two weeks. Of course a landmark game in our history, and Blizzard is celebrating by adding some content into Diablo 3. Unfortunately they have squashed the rumours of a Diablo 2 remaster, so all we’ve got from that franchise is setting our sights forward on #4.