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Hi everyone! Adrian Simple here from The Gaming Observer for Tuesday, June 2nd. Tremendously happy to be here, and to my Amazon listeners I apologize for uploading issue yesterday, I know that’s been happening a lot and I promise I’m going to be a lot more diligent about it moving forward. Anyway, we’ve got some news to talk about, let’s get this ball rolling.

Alright I want to talk about The Last of Us Part II, because one of the early embargos has just lifted and the press is talking all about it today. Not a tremendous amount of info, but you know this is obviously a high-profile release, it’s gonna in the conversation. Digital Foundry made an interesting note here, where the first Last of Us launched only five months before the PS4, and ended up being this great sendoff for that generation. Well here we are again with Part II, 5 or 6 months away from the launch of the PS5. You may have seen the gameplay demo from last week, it looks very good, and one of the things that people are pointing out is that this is a particularly brutal game. If violence makes you squeamish you’ll want to avoid it, because they went for some very realistic combat that will probably make anyone uncomfortable. One of the things they’ve said is that every enemy in the game has been given a name, and when you eliminate them, their friends will scream their name in horror. The other really interesting thing to hear is that it is an extremely accessible game. Apparently there is an overwhelming amount of things you can control so that if you need help with things like controls, vision, audio, navigation, anything like that, you’ll have the option to tweak it. Apparently the three biggest things for them were text-to-speech, fully remappable controls, and a high-contrast mode. Anyway, that’s the Last of Us, we’ll be talking more about that when some more embargos are lifted and ultimately the game comes out.

The first Xenoblade Chronicles had a definitive edition re-release for the Nintendo Switch last Friday. Turns out that was a good move for Monolith Soft, because it doubled the game’s original launch sales when it came out for the Nintendo Wii. This version of the game introduces some new visuals, music, gameplay, and an all-new epilogue, so if that sounds like your fancy feel free to check it out, it did review very well.

Alright here’s an interesting one. EB Games, which is basically the non-American version of Gamestop (same company), has just announced that they will be issuing refunds for Fallout 76 in Australia. The country has a commission which looks out for consumers when they need a repair, replacement or refund because a product has some kind of fault. Well, when the game released, people looked for refunds, and EB Games did not give it to them. So now the commission has stepped in and said “hold on a second, you should have given them refunds, the game had major faults.” So now, if anybody from Australia contacted EB Games between November 2018 and October 2019 about getting a refund for the game, they can now get it. I thought this was quite the unique situation, and it certainly says something about that game at release when a governmental authority is taking action like this.

Folks we are going to end it off here today just mentioning that two digital events have been delayed. The first comes from EA, who were planning on talking about Madden NFL 21. And Sony, who were going to be showing off PS5 games on Friday, have also delayed. Both of these were in light of the significant protests taking place in America over the past week. It’s a very considerate thing for them to do, and more important conversations need to be taking place right now, so let’s let that happen. I just want to say that I stand in solidarity with those who are protesting, and I am horrified by the situation which has led to it. My friends I hope you are all staying safe and practicing mental wellness in these trying times. If you ever need someone to talk to my DMs on Twitter are always open, or just shoot me an email That’s going to be all for today, thank you very much for joining me, and I’ll be back with the news tomorrow. So until then, happy gaming everyone.