THQ Nordic Q5 financials, GOG Galaxy 2.0, much more



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THQ Nordic Q5 financials

THQ Nordic had their Q5 results for the period ending March 31, 2019. They reported approximately $170 million in profit for the quarter, which is up around $70 million year over year. Their business is doing well, and their aggressive acquisition strategy is paying off, so they plan to continue doing it. They placed a huge financial emphasis on Metro Exodus, which sold exceedingly well on digital platforms, with the absolute majority of the sales coming from console. Interestingly, CEO Lars Wingefors heavily avoided answering questions about the Epic Games Store and seemed very hestitant to call it a success. That being said, they also placed a secondary financial emphasis on Satisfactory which can only be bought on the Epic Games Store. We will definitely see how that plays out. They currently have 80 games in development, over half of which are unnannounced. Also in THQ news, they just acquired development studio Piranha Bytes, who is well known for the Gothic, Risen, and ELEX franchises. We can definitely expect to see more of those games in the future.

GOG Galaxy 2.0 announced – promises universal game launcher is releasing a 2.0 version of their game distribution client GOG Galaxy. This update is planning on being the universal game launcher – which is to say, it will connecting with all of your PC platforms, as well as your console platforms. It will unite your friends lists, your achievements, your statistics, and of course which games you own, all into a single platform. Now let me make this clear – Discord advertised something similar to this a long time ago, but it’s nowhere close to being the same thing. What we’re talking about is unprecedented from a major corporation, and personally is something I’ve been anticipating for years. You need to check this out if you’re a PC gamer.

Valve making standalone Dota Auto Chess game

In Valve news, they announced that they are working on their own standalone version of Dota Auto Chess, the incredibly popular custom game mode for Dota 2. The original developers will be making their own non-dota game simply called Auto Chess, which will be releasing on mobile platforms, whereas Valve will continue with their own Dota-version. Yet another example of them taking a mod and running with it.

Planet Coaster getting a “Ghostbusters” expansion. Fortnite partners with Michael Jordan.

Today is a strange day for game collaboration news. First, Planet Coaster is getting a Ghostbusters expansion, as that franchise celebrates its 35th anniversary. Also, Fortnite just teamed up with Michael Jordan, in an effort to increase promo on their Creative mode.

Beat Saber exits Early Access

Last piece of news, in the VR world Beat Saber just came out of Early Access. If somehow you are a VR player and haven’t managed to pick this up yet, be sure to do so like as soon as possible.

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