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THQ Nordic Q1 financials

Ok so we’ve actually got a ton of stuff from THQ Nordic here today. First of all, THQ Nordic is the parent company of three development studios, one of which goes by the exact same name. So at some point in the future, the parent company will be changing their name to Embracer Group in order to minimize confusion. All of their profit numbers are up for Q1, which means even more money to spend on company acquisitions, as they are so well known for. They have now fully acquired Milestone, which is a well-known hyper realistic racing game developer. They also got Gunfire Games, who they’ve worked closely with before on the Darksiders series. Also announced was that there is a new Saints Row in development, a new Timesplitters in development from the original co-creator, and that Dead Island 2 has changed developers but is still being worked on. As for the financials, like I said they’re doing great, with sales up 36% year over year, and earnings up 193%. Their partner publishing, as usual, helped out sales the most, and by the way they just announced that they’ll be helping out on Dying Light 2. They also pushed that Deep Silver’s Metro Exodus continued to do well for them this quarter.

Bungie comments on overall workload for Destiny 2

Bungie just put out a really transparent blog post talking about how and why they made a lot of the decisions with Destiny 2. If you’re a fan of the game its definitely worth a read, but what I want to talk about was first on the list: they talked about the fact that developing the game is starting to wear people down. Here’s what it says, “The scope of what we delivered, the pace that we delivered it, and the overall throughput for [the] Annual Pass takes a toll on the Bungie team. I…had conversations throughout the year with team members…about the grind.” He goes on to explain some of the mechanics they put in, and how it created an unsustainable development cycle. So expect to see some changes there with the game’s new year of content. We’ve seen snippets of talk like this in the past, so good on them for taking action on behalf of the employees.

Apex Legends just got egregious with its microtransactions

Apex Legends is in the spotlight today because of its newest in-game event that became egregious with its microtranscations. You see, in previous events, all new cosmetics were purchasable directly from the store, however this time around, it’s all loot boxes. On top of it all, if you earn every cosmetic in the event, you are given the opportunity to earn a bonus set of cosmetics. Except you have to pay for that as well. So after spending over $150 on loot boxes to get everything, you then have to pay an additional $30ish dollars to get the special set. It’s crazy town, their subreddit is swamped with outrage, and this certainly falls in line with how EA feels about supporting their games.

Steam adds “Played On Another Platform” to Discovery Queue

If you make use of Steam’s Discovery Queue, then this newest addition from Valve is for you. Basically, when being presented with games you might be interested in, you usually have the option to ignore a game and prevent it from being used in other recommendations. However, if you already owned a game on another platform, you wouldn’t want to hit that ignore button, but you also don’t need it in your queue. So now, there is the “Played On Another Platform” option, which will hide it from the list, but will still be factored in to their reccomendations. Good stuff.

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