The state of TGO


How’s it going everybody, Adrian Simple here from The Gaming Observer. I am on vacation until June 26th, @gaming_observer on Twitter for more details. That being said, it’s been a while and I think we should do a little status update. Let me tell you how the Observer has been going. for a transcript.

You know, I’m coming close to 1 year of this shindig. July 15th is TGO’s birthday, and man is that weird to think about. Looking at the stats here, I had about 100 listeners a day within only a month. Now I’m getting close to 1000 and I have over 250 reviews, one year later. We have seen tremendous growth, and I cannot thank you enough for supporting me so heavily. I’m glad I can provide something useful for you, and selfishly, you’re helping me make the dream come true.

I’m in the summer right now, which means I had a lot of time to work on the Observer. In that time, I’ve talked with a lot of interesting people, to develop a lot of interesting things. I legally can’t talk about everything right now, but here’s some stuff on the horizon. The absolute biggest thing is that I’ve been invited to talk at the Project Voice conference in Tennesse next January. I’m going to have a 30 minute and 45 slot, talking about how the Observer became so successful, as well as the role of gaming in voice-first technology. It’s an incredibly exciting opportunity, and of course I’ll be promoting that more when the time comes. for more details. The person who runs that conference, Bradley Metrock, is also running a web conference called “Voice of the Flash Briefing”, which is a roundtable of people talking about their shows. I’m going to be on there as well in October.

As well, I’m increasing my presence in the voice-first technology sphere. I’m going to be available on more services, on more platforms, and that’s only going to grow my audience, which is great.

And thankfully, all of this has been possible thanks to the Daily Updates alone. I’ve tried expanding my content out a bit, but most people aren’t listening – I’m not sure if that’s because it’s just not on voice-first devices, or if it’s because people don’t actually want that content. Regardless, I still have lots of experimenting to do.

Lastly, I need to thank you for supporting me once again. Truthfully, reading all of the reviews on Amazon, all of the tweets and emails people send me, it helps me through the darkest of times. To know that I can make a positive impact in people’s routines is what’s driving this whole ship, and I can’t thank you enough for letting me in to your life.

So anyway, lots of exciting things coming up, so look forward to it.

That’s all for today. Tune in tomorrow for a very special episode while I’m away. Of course a big thank you to Brandon who supports over on Patreon. I’ll talk to you tomorrow, and happy gaming everyone.

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