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How’s it going everybody, Adrian Simple here from The Gaming Observer, for Saturday July 20th, 2019. for links and a transcript.

The Sims design documents released

Don Hopkins, who was a programmer for the first Sims, has uploaded a bunch of original design documents for the game. It shows some of the commentary of the core concepts while they were still making it, which is pretty cool. The big thing to come out of it though is it reveals how same-sex romances ended up in the game. You can see one developers passionate advocacy for its inclusion, saying “It would make for a much more interesting and realistic game…and anyone offended by that needs to grow up and get a life.” Interesingly the original proposal was not just to include homosexuality, but also characters who were bisexual, nonsexual, and all shades in between. It didn’t end up being implemented to that extent, but it was certainly on their minds, and its interesting to see them talk out their thought process from the late nineties.

New studio, Different Tales, announces Wanderlust: Travel Stories

There’s a new game development company called Different Tales — their founders are two people who met working on The Witcher games. The studio focuses on exploring ideas of “slow gaming”, focusing on the common human experience, and discovering stories at one’s own pace. Well, they have announced their first game, Wanderlust: Travel Stories. The story derives from a love of travel and storytelling, and it attempts to bridge the gap between literary experience and gaming. It’s a unique concept, and it defintiely won’t be for everyone, but I imagine there are some of you who would be interested in taking a look at this kind of thing.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare gameplay footage now out

The first raw gameplay footage of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare has released. It showed off a new gamemode called “gunfight”. It’s a mode with extremely small maps and teams of only 2 players. Of course, the game looks fantastic, as it does every year. But we all know what happened with Black Ops 4 – it debuted to a very positive critical reception, only for them to add an exhorbitant amount of microtranscations later on. Because of that, I won’t be recommending people purchase this entry until at least a few months after launch.

Popular VR game Gorn exits Early Access

After two years of Early Access, virtual reality game Gorn has entered into a full release. This game has been a favourite of the VR crowd for a long time – if you own a headset and haven’t heard of it, I’d be surprised. Nonetheless, they’ve officially launched, and while they didn’t have too much to add with the 1.0 update, it was certainly necessary. The story has been completed, there is a new weapon and enemies, as well as some extra compatibility. You can find it on Steam and Humble for $15, so it’s also pretty cheap comparitively. Check it out.

That’s today’s news. I’ll be back tomorrow with the Sunday show, where I’m taking a break from teh news to talk about all the games which released in the last week, and whether or not you should check them out. My name is Adrian Simple, I’ll see you then, … and Happy Gaming everyone!

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