The Nvidia Geforce Now situation, CoD: Warzone, more

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How’s it going everybody, Adrian Simple here from and welcome back to your daily gaming news for Tuesday, March 10th.

2K Games drop out of Nvidia Geforce Now

Ok so this is a story I have neglected to mention up to this point, but I think it’s worth chatting about now. You may recall that there is a service from Nvidia called Geforce Now, which is a streaming service that kind of competes with something like Google Stadia. The uniqueness of it though is that you can stream many of the biggest games in the world, as long as its in your Steam library. So you don’t have to make a seperate purchase, and it can then be streamed to any of your devices. Some people even use this on their own PC, because they might not have a computer that can run intensive games, so they just stream it through Nvidia. Now, a big kerfuffle is going on with it right now, because publishers are starting to disallow their games from being used on the service. Bethesa, Activision Blizzard, and now 2K Games have all pulled their titles so far, as well as the developers of the indie game The Long Dark. Many consumers are getting upset with this, because some of them purchased some of these games with their only way of playing it being through streaming. It’s also somewhat confusing, because it’s not like Nvidia is asking for money on these games, or that people are getting them for free, it’s literally just utilizing the selection of games you already have. Now, I also see the developers perspective on this. They have a distribution agreement with Valve, not with Nvidia, and I’d be surprised if they have really anything in writing with Nvidia. So from a legal perspective, it’s probably a nightmare. The other thing is that these developers have now been forced into supporting their game on a new platform, which they aren’t officially prepared for. So if they get customer support tickets, or anything along those lines, they won’t be prepared for it. Anyway, I’ve talked enough about it, but this is super messy, and ultimately I just want to see both sides come away happy.

Call of Duty: Warzone announced, free to play for all players

Activision have officially announced Call of Duty: Warzone. This is their battle royale experience, and its going to be free to play for everybody, not just owners of Modern Warfare. Also, it comes out either today or tomorrow depending on when you’re listening to this. If you’re a Call of Duty player, all your progress will transfer over, and if you’re not, then it will if you decide to purchase the game. Also in Warzone is a game mode called Plunder, which is all about collecting as much money as possible, looks pretty unqiue. 150 players per map, three people to squad, full cross-play. Check it out if you’d like.

Reggie Fils-Aime joins the Gamestop Board of Directors

The former head of Nintendo of America, Reggie Fils-Aime, is now on the board of directors for Gamestop. He is joined by the former CEO of Walmart, and the current CEO of PetSmart, which forecasts the retirements of a few members of the current board. Obviously Gamestop has not been doing all that well, especially in the past year or so, and they are making a number of changes to turn things around, including turning some of their stores into community gathering locations. Nonetheless, maybe Reggie will be able to help them out.

Alright, thank you very much for joining me here today. I will be back tomorrow with the news, as I am every Monday through Friday, and until then, Happy Gaming everyone.