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How’s it going everybody, Adrian Simple here from The Gaming Observer, for Monday August 25th, 2019. for links and a transcript. We’ve got lots to get into today so let’s jump right into it.

The International has completed, OG takes the gold

The biggest esports event of the year, The International has now wrapped up Shanghai. For the second year in a row, team OG have become the ultimate winners, followed up by Team Liquid. In the best of five, Liquid took the first game, but lost the remaining three. OG are the first team to win the event twice, as well as twice in a row. They are also the exact same roster as last year, so they’ve obviously got a winning combination there. Every person on stage had been in a TI finals before, so there were lots at stake here. Once again there was a record setting prize pool of $34 million, with the winners taking away 15 million of that pot. Next year’s event takes place in Stockholm for it’s 10th show, and begins the season in November.

Exclusives don’t work for CD Projekt. Cyberpunk’s worldmap is smaller but denser

There’s a story here from CD Projekt basically saying that exclusives are not something that works for their company. They experienced this first hand with Thronebreaker, the Gwent-based RPG, which was a GOG exclusive for a limited time. Eventually it was released on Steam because of disappointing sales. Of course Cyberpunk will be available everywhere, but they’re also encouraging people to purchase through GOG because then all of the profits will be going to them. And speaking of Cyberpunk, here’s what they have to say about the open world, “If you look at pure surface square kilometers, then Cyberpunk 2077 might even be a little bit smaller than The Witcher 3, but it’s the density of the content, taking the world of The Witcher and squeezing it right in, deleting the wilderness between.” I’m really excited to see what this game becomes.

Metro 2033 turning into a movie

Metro 2033 is headed to the screens. That’s right, principal filming is due to begin next year, and its currently set to release January 1st, 2022. No word yet on director or cast, but exclusive rights belong to Gazprom Media. One of the films producers says that this is a dream project, and the most large-scale film they’ve ever done, so expect a lot of dough to go into this one. Apparently the movie has attempted to be made before, but the scriptwriters wanted to place it in Washington DC instead of Russia, so…Hopefully this crew gets it right.

People love the Call of Duty alpha

The Call of Duty Modern Warfare Alpha went live for a few days. This alpha only showed off their new 2v2 mode, which puts everyone on an even playing field with very short rounds. Critical reception has been very positive, everybody is praising the gunplay. That being said, I still can’t recommend you purchase the game considering the absolutely horrible microtransaction practices that they’ve established for the franchise, especially the most recent one. Some of you wrote in saying that you were playing this alpha which is awesome, I hope you enjoyed it, and you can also look forward to a beta in September.

Ok that’s all for today. I would like to thank you very much for tuning in, and I’d also like to thank Zachary, Jefferey, and Justin for leaving me 5-star reviews on Amazon, I greatly appreciate that. Justin also says that he can’t put down the game Dicey Dungeons and I’m so glad to hear that he took my advice. So to you listening, listen to me, listen to Justin, and go look at Dicey Dungeons. I’ll be back tomorrow with the news, and until then, Happy Gaming everyone!

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