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How’s it going everybody, Adrian Simple here from The Gaming Observer for Monday, June 8th. We are back today with the news from this weekend, and just a reminder you are welcome to visit for links and a transcript. Let’s get into this.

Folks, possibly the greatest bundle of games ever has just been created. It is the Bundle for Racial Justice and Equality, and it hosted by, which is a storefront typically used by indie developers. In this bundle is 745 indie games for $5. Now, all of the proceeds are being donated to two different funds related to the current protests in America, so if you are financially capable of spending more, it would be going to a good cause. Now, with over 700 games in there, you probably haven’t heard of most of them, but there are definitely a number of high quality games worth the $5 alone, here are some highlights that you definitely will want to play. Oxenfree. Night in the Woods. A Short Hike. Minit. Cook Server Delicious 2. Quadrilateral Cowboy. Super Hexagon. Heavy Bullets. Not only all of those, but games are going to be added to the bundle over time, and based on my cursory glances I’ve seen that games like Octodad, Nuclear Throne, and The Novelist will be in there at some point. And by the way if you buy it now, they’ll still give you anything that is added later. $2 million has already been raised through this, but I imagine the number will be much higher by the time you hear this, and certainly by the time the bundle ends on June 15th. Absolutely check this out, you don’t want to miss it.

Destiny 2 held its first live event over the weekend, kind of like the things Fortnite does. This wasn’t a concert though, it was a narrative based event that made sense within the world and story of Destiny. Apparently it was considered the climax of the game’s 10th in-game season. If you watch the video of what happened its actually quite fantastic, the story was that a superweapon was aimed at the planet from space, and players had to shoot it down before it could wipe everyone out. Well they did that, and the superweapon fell from space and hit the ground. So now some of the levels have been altered. Apparently the event was a little too long, I guess it was 90 minutes or so which was all lead up to a 2 minute sequence, but anyway people were excited and certainly I hope more games end up doing stuff like this I think its such a cool idea.

The Command & Conquer: Remastered Collection is now released. It apparently brings everything that you want with something like this, considering the game is older than I am. New 4K assets, the ability to toggle between new and old visuals, an overhauled UI, a map editor, mod support, HD cutscenes, custom game lobbies, new music, etc. One of the characters from the game, Kane, also made a Youtube video to promote the game, and honestly he hasn’t aged at all. The game has reviewed well, so if you’re hoping to take a trip down memory lane with Command & Conquer, now is your chance.

You’ve heard me talking about Amazon’s Crucible the past few weeks, well we’ve got an update here, they are actually removing two of their three game modes. Now they are still in this phase of what they call the pre-season, which kinda sounds like a beta, so a move like this isn’t too surprising. They chose the most popular game mode, which was the most MOBA-like mode, and are beginning work on a bunch of much needed features, like voice chat, a system for AFK players, and a mini-map. Looks like their spirits are high though, so hopefully they manage to make it work.