TGO Daily | October 26, 2020 | Lots Of Games Heading To Steam

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Multiple Games Arrive on Steam

There are three games that are going to be heading to Steam which have previously been unavailable through the service.

The first is Apex Legends, which will be on Steam starting November 4th, which will coincide with the game’s 7th season. It was previously exclusive to EA’s Origin, and it will now have full cross-progression between the two services. In the same blog post, they also said that Nintendo Switch owners will have to wait longer than expected, and won’t be getting the game until 2021.

Next up is Obsidian’s The Outer Worlds. Having been exclusive to the Epic Games Store and the PC Game Pass, the game is now available on Steam and for 50% off. (I did play this game and liked it a lot. Don’t go in with too high expectations of a huge RPG, and you’ll like it too).

Finally, Surviving The Aftermath, in early access on Epic for the last year, is also now available. The game is a post-apocalyptic follow-up to Surviving Mars — a colony builder which wasn’t incredibly deep, but had a fair amount to do. If you’re into strategy games, you’ll probably get a good time out of it. Surviving The Aftermath exits early access some time next year.

New PS4 Patches

Source: VGC

A patch has just made its way to PlayStation 4 consoles which have apparently significantly reduced load times on Sony’s first-party games. The Last of Us: Remastered, for example, has seen loading screens go from 90 seconds to under 20. Until Dawn seems to have basically removed them entirely.

The idea going around is that they are improvements designed for backwards compatibility with the PS5, which have also worked on the PS4. It could also be that Sony has just found some easy improvements that could be made and encouraged devs to do it. Nonetheless, if you plan on replaying anything on the PS4, now it’ll be quicker!

More From TGO

On Sunday’s podcast, I shared a story about a moment of my life that I’ve captured forever into my memory. I hadn’t planned to talk about it — I actually just turned on the microphone and started talking, and saw what stuck.

I got such a huge outpouring of support from people who listened, that I thought I should share it with you here. It’s only about 5 minutes long. If you’re interested, here’s a peek into my past:

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