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DMCAs issued for Cave Story

Games publisher Nicalis has run into some scrutiny today for issuing DMCA takedowns against a number of fan-made projects related to the game Cave Story. Normally this wouldn’t cause an issue, but Cave Story was originally a freeware title released in 2004. Nicalis then went on to create updated ports of the game, like Cave Story+ and Cave Story 3D.

The key takedown is against something called “Cave Story Engine 2,” which allowed people to make their own versions of the game. People used it to add mods and technical improvements, for the most part. Nicalis took it down claiming that CSE2 stole source code from their protected copyright of Cave Story+. The developers of the engine claim that it is exclusively working off of the original freeware release.

Hanging above this whole situation is the moral aspect. CSE2 was used in part as a way to avoid supporting Nicalis. Not only has the studio had allegations of racism and abuse, but many people see Cave Story as something to be preserved. A number of industry professionals are supporting people to only play the original free release:

CD Projekt Q3

With only one month to go until they release Cyberpunk, CD Projekt is still going strong. For the third quarter, they reported $28 million in revenue, which is up 13% year over year. Most of that revenue is thanks to The Witcher 3 and its expansions, now five years old, with help from Gwent and Thronebreaker.

Next quarter will contain the fated December 10th release date of Cyberpunk 2077, which will obviously be a huge boost for them. More importantly, if it can have the same legs that The Witcher does in terms of financial stability, then they’re in a good spot. Hopefully it lives up to all the hype!


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