TGO Daily | November 23, 2020 | Preserving Flash Games

Flash games are an essential beat of my life story. AddictingGames, Miniclip, and Kongregate were my modern-day social media apps. My friends and I would spend countless hours trying to find the best ones, and then figuring out how to access them on the school computer labs.

They’re obviously a byproduct of a time gone by, but I still have a tickling nostalgia every time I look back at some of the more popular ones.

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Flash game preservation

Adobe Flash is going to be completely discontinued at the end of the this year, and with it an entire generation of Flash games.

A few preservationists have appeared in order to save these games — both the Flash Game Archive and the Flashpoint launcher have similar missions of preserving as many Flash games as possible. However, both of them require software downloaded to your system in order to play the games.

Last Thursday, the Internet Archive ( announced that they too will be preserving a lot of Flash content, but you can still play it in your browser. They have developed a Flash emulator called Ruffle, which replicates the experience of playing these games online.

So if you’re worried about losing games that you’ve spent a lot of time with in the past, fear not! There’s plenty of alternative options, and organizations like the Internet Archive mean that its in safe hands.

Titanfall on Steam

EA have been uploading much of their back-catalogue to Steam over the past few months, and on Saturday they added the first Titanfall game! As soon as it hit the store, it was hit with a “Mostly Negative” overall review score.

The game has been in a perilous state for the last few years. As most people moved to Titanfall 2, hackers have made it impossible to enjoy the game, and EA/Respawn did little about it. Turns out, they didn’t consider fixing it even when bringing the game to a new platform. People buying it on Steam for the first time found themselves faced with a number of matchmaking and server issues.

According to the most recent Steam reviews that I’m reading, the experience has been significantly improved. It’s worth noting that it’s still a six year old game however, and support may be limited in the future. I have played Titanfall 2, which I highly recommend as both a campaign and a multiplayer.

GTA Online

GTA Online is going to be getting it’s “biggest update yet” on December 15th. It’s called the Cayo Perico Heist update, and it will introduce an brand new location which takes place on a private island.

They’re advertising that the heist will feature a “brand-new approach,” which will allow people to do it solo for the first time. Plus, as expected, a swath of new content. Vehicles, weapons, HQs, radio stations — you name it, they’re probably bringing it.

I wanted to share this story today to remind you that GTA V is still a super popular game that Rockstar still wants to investing new content into it! For it to get it’s “biggest update” 7 years after coming out is a big deal.

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