TGO Daily | December 2, 2020 | Fortnite Conquers Galactus

Fortnite Update

Today, Fortnite held yet another major in-game event to conclude Chapter 2 Season 4. The event revolved around Galactus, a major Marvel villain, with the player being guided by various Avengers heroes to try and take him down. All while AC/DC was playing in the background.

As always, I encourage you to watch the event if you haven’t yet. Even if you’re not into Fortnite, it’s such a spectacle, and I love that games can do that. And they’re certainly effective, for everyone involved.

According to Forbes, when Travis Scott did his in-game concert, he earned $20 million for the appearance (merchandise included). For context, he set the record for a single concert’s earnings at $1.7 million last year, with the full tour earning $50 million. I was amazed by those differences in numbers, but it makes a lot of sense. Not many games could pull it off like Fortnite has, and I’m curious to see how other companies follow suit in the next few years.


Dead Cells Update

Motion Twin’s Dead Cells has officially sold 3.5 million copies, with 500,000 of those being sold in just the last five months — so the game is still going strong.

The news comes alongside the announcement of a new paid expansion called “Fatal Falls” arriving early next year. Like it’s first DLC “The Bad Seed,” it will have a bunch of new content at the $5 price point, interspersed with smaller free updates.

Motion Twin is working on their next project, while a subset of the company continues to work on Dead Cells under the name Evil Empire. It looks like they plan to support the game at least through 2021.


Nintendo Switch Update

The Nintendo Switch has had a software update today, which brings in a few QOL features that might be useful for you.

First, they’ve provided an option to transfer screenshots and video to your smartphone by scanning a QR code, which is apparently a fairly simple process. You can also transfer to PC via USB.

They’ve also given more flexibility to cloud saves, downloading them automatically if you’re playing a game on a different Switch.

Lastly, and this probably should have been in there seen the beginning, you can now prioritize which downloads are prioritized in the queue.


Red Dead Online now standalone

If you’re interested in playing some Red Dead Redemption, but don’t want the single-player experience, then you can now pick up Red Dead Online for $5. In February, that bumps up to $20.

With the release they’ve added some new content, and have changed some aspects of the game. In particular, existing RDO players seem upset with some changes over monetization. Though, you know what you’re getting into when you play these games, so don’t expect a system that works in your favour.