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How’s it going everybody, Adrian Simple here from The Gaming Observer, it is Wednesday August 7th, 2019. A big thanks to Katosepe for covering for me while I was on my anniversary yesterday, be sure to check out his flash briefing Video Game of the Day. You can also go to thegamingobserver.com for links and a transcript.

Take-Two Interactive Q1 financial results

Take-Two Interactive had their Q1 financial results. They are doing very well for themselves, net bookings are at $422 million, which is up 46% year-over-year, and way over their predictions. Two thirds of it came from recurrent player spending, and over 90% of it was digital. This success can be pointed to the most obvious suspect, which is GTA V and the casino update, which was the game’s biggest launch of all time. That being said, the focus wasn’t entirely on GTA, they also noted that NBA 2K19 is on track to be the best selling 2K sports title of all time. They also mentioned Red Dead Redemption 2, of course, and Civilization VI, which did take them by surprise when it first came out. Looking to their next quarter, they’ve got NBA 2K20 and Borderlands 3 getting released, so mixed in with the back catalogue, they have quite the profits expected.

Ooblets devs respond to harassment from EGS exclusive

A while back there was a husband and wife team creating a game called Ooblets, and they made an announcement that the game had become exclusive to the Epic Games Store. The announcement was quite cheeky, and it addressed the reputation that Epic already had. Well, things really got out of hand after that. They just made a follow up post revealing some of the absolute horrible things that the gaming community have said them, including death threats and just some vile language that could never be repeated on air. It also said that they probably didn’t handle the situation in the best way, and acknowleged some of their mistakes, but that they stood behind their original statements. I’d like to quote something he said here because I thought it was spot-on, quote “A game being available on one platform or the other, someone’s tone, or them calling you entitled is not enough to justify a harassment campaign targeting two indie game developers, or anyone for that matter…These mobs represent the worst manifestation of human psychology and social behavior: Our urge to attack weaker outgroups, to let group mentality justify our actions, and to delight in violence and anger.” I fully stand behind everything that was said in that blog post, and I sincerely hope the gaming community will one day be able to do better.

Psyonix phases out loot boxes from Rocket League

After introducing them in 2016, Psyonix and Rocket League will be phasing out randomized loot boxes from the game. These crates, as they called them, would provide a single cosmetic item for each purchased key. Well now they’ll be gone, and replaced with a system where you buy the cosmetics directly, with no changes to the Rocket Pass, DLC cars, and eSports shop. This is likely a move thanks to the recent acquisition by Epic Games, who have taken a stance with the single player Fortnite against loot boxes as well. They claim that it is to make the best possible experiences for their players, but of course this is also a move amidst governmental pressure on gambling in video games.

Game release: Age Of Wonders: Planetfall

A game came out yesterday called Age of Wonders: Planetfall. It has received very positive critical reception, everyone is saying that it’s a great 4X title, and blends the turn-based combat and strategy genres together excellently. The only negative I’ve seen is that it has a steep learning curve, and that there are some accessibility issues. Otherwise, definitely a game that is worth checking out!

That’s all for today!. I’d like to give my sincerest thanks to Abe, Sara, Alex and Sveta (apologies for pronounciation), QueenKork and Martin, all for leaving me 5-star reviews on Amazon. My name is Adrian Simple, and Happy Gaming everyone!

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