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How is it going everybody, Adrian Simple here from The Gaming Observer, and this is your Daily Gaming Update for March 2nd, 2019. Head over to thegamingobserver.com for links and a transcript of today’s report.

Article on why Take-Two’s share price is down

This isn’t really a news item necessarily, but Rob Fahey of gamesindustry.biz released this very well written article that I want to share with you. He talks about why Take Two has had a 30% share price decline since the release of Red Dead Redemption 2, despite the game selling 23 million copies and having a very positive critical response. Here’s something he says, quote “Often when a stock underperforms, it’s because investors actually wanted the company to be doing something else entirely and thus they don’t really care how effectively and profitably the firm is doing elsewhere.” endquote. As an example of this, he brings up how Nintendo’s stock price often falls after they release Direct videos. He concludes that it’s because many shareholders bought in when Nintendo announced that there were working on mobile games, and now every time they have some sort of announcement, they are dissapointed when it’s not mobile related. Essentially, they’re seeing it as a smartphone publishing investment, not a Nintendo investment. And the same thing is happening with Take Two. It doesn’t matter that they had a hugely successful single player narrative, the investors are interested in the multiplayer which was oh so profitable from GTA V. They want a slice of the years-long, console generation spanning money snowball. So yes, you might want to call Take-Two greedy because of their monetization model, and in many cases rightfully so. But now their stock price will be unimpressive without it. It’s an interesting perspective, regardless.

What it’s like to work at Nintendo

Nintendo’s recruitment page ended up revealing some aspects of the company that you may not have heard before. For one, the average employee earns $80,000, though entry level wages are obviously going to be lower than that. They also get bonuses twice a year, and a pay increase every April. The really cool thing is that they only work 8 hours a day, which is a ridiculous statement in any other industry, but in the games industry is a beacon of light. As of last September, Nintendo employs 2271 people, with the average tenure of the company being 13 years. So obviously this seems like a pretty great place to be.

Nintendogs spiritual successor coming to Switch

Speaking of Nintendo, for those of you who have fond memories of Nintendogs, listen up. They’re releasing a game this spring called Little Friends: Dogs and Cats, which is a spiritual successor. This likely is not the game for you as a full grown adult, but you might know some little ones that would love it.

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