System Shock 3 devs are gone, Corruption 2029 announced, much more

Daily Gaming Update



How’s it going everybody, Adrian Simple here from and welcome back to your daily gaming news update, February 10, 2020, let’s get into it.

System Shock 3 development team have left the company

We’ve got some sad news here that the development team for System Shock 3 have been let go, and supposedly development has stopped on the game. Previously the game was supposed to be published and funded by Starbreeze, but as we know last year they went through tons of troubles and had to sell back the rights to the developers, OtherSide Entertainment. Well it looks like they weren’t able to find another publisher to help them make it happen, and ran into some financial problems. Now, the writer, director, senior designer, lead programmer, QA lead, and design director have all left the company. So if you were looking forward to it, I’m sorry to deliver the bad news. Perhaps it will be able to make a return with someone else in the future.

UK physical sales charts

The weekly UK physical sales charts are in, and the only debut to enter it this week is Zombie Army 4: Dead War, coming in at #8. Apparently it isn’t selling as well as the Zombie Army Trilogy, but it probably has much more digital sales comparitivaley that we just don’t know about. Besides that, FIFA 20 takes the #1 spot yet again, outselling Call of Duty by a little over 1000 units. The only other thing to note here is that Nintendo’s Ring Fit Adventure was the best selling Switch game this week at #4, after re-entering the charts because of stock shortages last week. This is the highest it has placed since the week it launched.

Mutant Year Zero devs announce newest game, Corruption 2029

The developers of Mutant Year Zero has just announced their newest game, Corruption 2029. Now it’s crazy because Mutant Year Zero only came out in 2018, and this new game will be coming next week on PC. Although it might help that the game seems to be in the same genre of tactical combat. Here’s the description of the game, “Commanding a squad of heavily augmented soldier types, [players] must creep…their way across a dystopian America, searching out the mysterious corruption that’s turned the country into a war-ravaged wasteland.” So the story seems interesting, and people did like Mutant Year Zero, so maybe this is something to keep your eye on. Exclusive to the Epic Games Store on February 17th.

Children of Morta add a Hard mode (??) and new content

Children of Morta just got a free content update called the Shrine of Challenge. It introduces a hard mode to the game, as if it wasn’t hard enough, as well as some new enemies and items. The UI has also gotten some improvements. So if you somehow felt like you needed even more challenge from the game, here’s your chance.

CS:GO hits all time concurrent player record

Here’s a crazy one, Counter Strike Global Offensive has just broke its all time concurrent player peak on Steam. On February 8th it reached 876,575 people playing it at once. This is about about 15 thousands players from the previous record from April of 2016, four years ago. Here’s the thing though, that last record came in the middle of a major tournament. This time, there’s no real indication for it. Nonetheless, we are seeing things like this happening more and more with older games, which I think is great – it really tells you that Valve made something that really resonates with people, right?

Okay folks, thank you very much for tuning in, and thank you to Matthew, Babs, and Babbette for leaving me 5-star reviews on Amazon. Hey, I’ll be back tomorrow with the news, so until then…happy gaming everyone.