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How’s it going everybody, Adrian Simple here from The Gaming Observer, and this is your Daily Gaming Update for Friday, August 16th. for links, @gaming_observer on Twitter.

Superhot Team begins “Superhot Presents”, indie fund

The developers behind the game Superhot, Superhot Team, has just announced an indie fund called Superhot Presents. The humour behind the naming consistency aside, this is actually really cool. Basically, the developers succeeded to a great extent with their indie game, and this is their way of giving back. They specifically pointed out that they are not publishers, but they want to throw money at small teams who are making great games. “Our contract essentially says ‘here are some funds for your game, we may offer advice and support, but you’re mostly on your own.'”They’ve already contributed to the adventure series Frog Detective and RPG Knuckle Sandwich. This doesn’t change much for Superhot Team, but I think it’s a really awesome thing to see, and I wish we would see more of it. Giving back in this way only helps to make great games, and of course that’s what we’re all here for in the first place.

Spelunky 2 delayed until 2020

The long awaited Spelunky 2 has been delayed. It was originally planned for 2019 release, but Derek Yu on Twitter said that it needs to wait until 2020. Development is going well, and apparently they aren’t far off target, but obviously they need just a bit more time. He added some updated visuals of the game to his tweets, but otherwise you’ll have to stick around for a while longer before you can get your hands on it.

Rock of Ages 3 announced, releasing 2020

Today’s the day for indie games apparently, because next up is the announcement of Rock Of Ages 3. It’s a competitive tower defense game where you are a boulder rolling across a map to get to the exit against a friend, while simulataneously defending your fort. I’m a huge fan of the first two games, so I definitely encourage to take a look at this one, it’s coming out in 2020, and is adding a level creater which will be exactly what that game needs.

Producer of Anthem, Ben Irving, leaves BioWare

Ben Irving, the lead producer of Anthem, has departed from BioWare after eight years with the company. He was also the lead producer of Star Wars: The Old Republic. He said “I believe Anthem has a bright futurte – there is agreat team working on it, and I look forward to following its progress.” He has joined another gaming company which right now is undisclosed. Best of luck to Ben!

Epic Games Store rolls out new features

The Epic Games Store has rolled out its first set of new features in a while. They expanded the number of games that have access to cloud saves, gave product pages a facelift, and create keyless integrations with the Humble store. They’ve still got lots more to come, if they want to keep up with the other storefronts, but for now, its doing its job.

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