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Fernando Melo departs BioWare. Tim Longo departs 343 Industries

Only two days after Ben Irving announced his leave from BioWare, another lead producer, Fernando Melo has done the same. Fernando was the lead for the newest Dragon Age game, and also worked on the first two Dragon Age games as senior producer. Following those he became the director of online development, and worked closely on Mass Effect: Andromeda. He made it clear it was his decision, and that he wants to explore some new chapters in his career. Looking away from BioWare, we’ve got another leave here from 343 Industries. The creative director of upcoming Halo Infinite, Tim Longo, has parted with the company. Microsoft has confirmed that the changes will not influence the game’s release date, but it certainly raises questions as to how things are going over there. Best of luck to both Mr. Melo and Mr. Longo.

Blizzard begs people to change servers ahead of WoW Classic release

So, recently Blizzard allowed people to reserve their character names, as well as give their intentions for what servers they wanted to play on. Well, it turns out that there are some servers that super popular. So much so, that community managers are begging the players to change servers. In one case, they are expecting login queues of more than 10,000 players, so you’d be waiting a long time to get into the game. People aren’t entirely sure why some servers are more popular than others, but it’s happening nonethless. They don’t want to increase the server capacities because they’ll run into issues down the line. Interestingly, a Medium population today has more characters in it than was possible in 2006.

Rust developers offering refunds to everyone on Linux

Multiplayer survival game Rust will soon be stopping support for Linux system, and they are offering full refunds to anyone who owns the game on that platform. They were initially planning on keeping Linux players together due to tech reasons, so seperate from Windows and Mac, but the community spoke out against that. The developer even encourages people who feel like they’ve got their money’s worth to refund, because “you can use that money to buy a game from a developer that supports Linux well – this is the best thing you can do to help your community.” He said they wanted to support Linux, they felt like it was the right thing to do, but that they couldn’t dedicate a significant amount of resources to support it.

Her Story is $2 on Steam right now

I know I just talked about this game, but Her Story is currently on sale for $2 on Steam. This comes ahead of the next game from Sam Barlow releasing on Friday. For the price of a cup of coffee, you’ll get quite the experience playing through this one, I heartily reccomend it.

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