State of Play recap, Nintendo dominating, more

AUGUST 7, 2020

Daily Gaming Update


How’s it going everybody, Adrian Simple here from The Gaming Observer and welcome back to your daily news update for Friday, August the 7th. We had a Playstation event today that we should definitely talk about, so let’s take a look.

So I didn’t see the State of Play myself, but there are plenty of articles to fill us on the announcements here. First of all, they gave more details about Crash Bandicoot 4: Its About Time. Apparently its going to be a direct sequel to the game that came before it, Crash Bandicoot Warped, and it will have multiple playable characters, which is pretty cool. Its releasing on Playstation 4 on October 2nd. Next is the announcement of Braid: Anniversary Edition, which is a remastered version of Braid with new animations, music, and developer commentary. That’ll be early 2021. They showed a trailer for the second Control expansion, called AWE, and that one is Alan Wake themed, which is pretty cool. From IO Interactive, they announced that Hitman 3 is going to have Playstation VR support, including all previous missions from the other two games. Not a lot of details on this one though, including how it’ll be priced, or if it will be available on PC VR headsets. Spelunky 2 is going to be coming out next month, September 15th, however it appears to be a Playstation exclusive for the moment. A PC version has been confirmed, but it doesn’t seem like that’s coming right away, but don’t quote me on that. Just keep an eye out. And then there’s two indie games here that I want you to know about. The first is called Pedestrian, and if you want to see a really unique concept, check this out. It’s a platformer where you play as those humans on sign posts. Like you those bathroom signs or the wet floor signs, you play as that guy navigating across a number of different signs. It looks like its also a puzzle game in a way, having to organize the signs so you can traverse through them. It’s a really neat idea, looks really good, again that’s called Pedestrian, January 2021. The other indie game is called The Pathless, which is an open world adventure that looks quite beautiful. It’s got archery, acrobatics, and an eagle companion. It gave me Breath of the Wild vibes, I’m excited to see more. That’s Holiday 2020.

Nintendo reported on their Q1 financials, which means the first time we’ve official confirmation of the impact that Animal Crossing has had on the company long-term. For their Q4 last year the game was only out for about 10 or so. So for the three months ending June 30, they had sales of $3.4 billion, $1 billion of that was profit. So they are now up 541% year over year. Animal Crossing itself shipped 10.6 million copies, bringing the overall total sales to 22.4 million. That’s close to doubling the previous best selling Animal Crossing. The game has also been instrumental in the sales of the Nintendo Switch, which had 5.6 million units sold, almost tripling year over year. And the Switch has now surpassed the NES in lifetime sales. The other game that helped was Ring Fit Adventure, which is constantly sold out and doing better than they expected. So just an absolutely dominant quarter for Nintendo, and I’m sure they are shaping up nicely for a big holiday season.

Just wanted to give you a heads up that Horizon Zero Dawn is going to be available on PC some time today, the 7th. It has reviewed quite well, apparently it is a playable experience, and many of the reviewers don’t seem to have a single problem with the game. If you are big on the tech specs of various games, then I do want to mention that Digital Foundry seems to have some issues with the port. Various framerate and graphical issues have popped up with the port for them, and they’re a super trusted source, but I think for a lot of you it won’t be anything of note. Anyway, its a much lauded game so you probably will want to check it out.

Alright and if you haven’t already you should head over to the Epic Games Store, where thery are giving away two free games. The first is called 3 out of 10, which is apparently part game and part sitcom. That’ll come out in an episodic format, kinda like a TV show. Pretty good developers too, but its different for them, they usually shooters, so I’m interested in this one. The other is called Wilmot’s Warehouse, which is a pretty well respected puzzle game, looks fun. Anyway, both completely free, so no harm in picking it up.