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How’s it going everybody, Adrian Simple here from and welcome back to your daily gaming update, Wednesday February 12, let’s get into it.

Starbreeze Q4/full year financials

At the end of last year, Starbreeze finally concluded their reconstruction period, which means they are relatively safe in the eyes of the government, and the can look the future of the company. Well, they just reported on their Q4/full year financial results, so let’s a look. For the full year, they had an earnings loss of $12 million, which is down 1000% from the year before. Now Q4 paints a less dramatic picture, where they actually had an earnings of about 2 million, so looking forward I think that’s the more important number. Quarter over quarter their catalogue isn’t changing dramatically, things like Christmas aren’t going to be extremely important to them like it is for other companies. And indeed looking to the future, as they’ve been saying for a while now, PAYDAY is their full focus. They released some DLC for the game in October which did well for them, and that will continue through 2020. Apparently they also have ongoing discussion about finding a publisher for PAYDAY 3, as we know they’ve been looking to do, otherwise they won’t survive, and they intend on presenting that publisher before the second half of the year. And you know, they survived 2019 where they were on the brink of losing everything for a very long time. 2020 now is going to be all about recovering from that, and preparing for the long-term future. And it’s certainly possible. A lot of costs are going to be lifted now that they are out of reconstruction with the government, they have a potential publisher coming up, and also PAYDAY 2 now has a 75/25 split instead of a 70/30 with Steam, so they’ve got some extra income coming from thBulletstorm devs share details on new game Outridersere as well. We’ll see how this plays out, but I’m optimistic.

Bulletstorm devs share details on new game Outriders

The developers of Bulletstorm are called People Can Fly, and they just gave some new details for their newest game, Outriders. They describe as a dark modern shooter, with RPG elements, and co-op up to teams of three. Gameplay is coming this Thursday live on Twitch. The game is headed to the current console generation, as well as the next generation, so you can look forward to that, with the planned release sometime this summer.

Blog post from CEO of Supercell

The CEO of Supercell, who are the developers of mobile apps like Clash of Clans has just put out a blog post and it’s super long but here’s the interesting bit. In reflection of the last year, he was proud to have cancelled a game. “The team behind [Rush Wars] killed it because based on the beta, they felt like this was not going to be a game that lots of people would play for years nor would it be remembered forever…this is how we all want Supercell to operate: we should only release games that are of exceptional quality.” So that wasn’t even a top-down directive, which I think is pretty cool, and certainly unique. He also mentioned that they were hiring like crazy, and now he wants to slow that down because he likes being a smaller company. Again, when you grow like they did, the typical route is to get as big as possible, so this is very strange to hear. Nonetheless, it was a very interesting read so I encourage you to take a look at that.

Humble rolls out regional pricing

Ok just a few notes on storefronts here. First of all, Humble Bundle will now be offering regional pricing in select areas, so if you’ve purchased there before make sure you have your eye on that. Second of all, The Division 2 is currently $3 over on uPlay, and that came out less than a year ago, so super cheap for a high profile game. Again, only in certain regions, so fingers crossed if you want to purchase that.

Okay folks, thank you very much for tuning in, I know today was a bit of a hefty one. I’d also like to thank Kevin for leaving me a 5-star review on Amazon. I’m here every Monday through Friday with the news, so I’ll be back tomorrow and until then…Happy Gaming everyone.