Star Wars Jedi selling well, Facebook acquires Beat Saber devs, more



How’s it going everybody, Adrian Simple here from, bringing you all the news in gaming for Wednesday, November 27th. Let’s get started shall we?

It looks like the initial launch sales of Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order are pretty good. In a press release EA announced that it is the fastest selling digital launch for a Star Wars game, which really just means it did better than the most recent Batllefront games. It’s also EA’s top-selling Star Wars title on PC within two weeks, which I think is a far more significant stat. Either way, the game is selling well and we haven’t even hit the bulk of the Christmas sales yet, so I wouldn’t be surprised if this was a major source of income for EA this year. Are any of you playing it? Let me know if its worth picking up.

Facebook/Oculus has just acquired Beat Games, who are the developers of hit virtual reality game Beat Saber. “They will join Oculus Studios as an independantly operated studio in Prague…Most importantly…Beat Games will continue to ship content and updates for Beat Saber across all currently supported platforms, now with even more support from Facebook.” They added that there’s much more to come with the game, which may include new social features, new modes, and new music. I think this is a really great aquisition as long as Facebook really does give them some autonomy and trusts them to make the best game possible for their audience. If that can happen, having the extra cash flow will benefit not only the studio but the playerbase as well.

Speaking of VR, head of Xbox Phil Spencer has indicated that they do not have their sights set on virtual reality. Not only will it not play a part in their upcoming console Project Scarlett, but its not in their overall vision right now. He cited the lack of money being made in the sector, and that he sees it as a very isolating piece of hardware, while they try to make communal experiences. Not sure if that last one is the true reason or if it’s just corporate speak, but either way this is a pretty significant contrast to Sony, right? They got the PSVR, and a bunch of exclusive titles for the platform. So if they are going to integrate it into the PS5, that might be a selling point that Microsoft doesn’t have going into the holidays next year.

The Nintendo Switch release of The Elder Scrolls: Blades has been delayed until early 2020. Now I say that recognizing that most of you probably weren’t holding your breath, not only is the free-to-play mobile game riddled with issues, it doesn’t seem like people enjoy the gameplay loop all that much either. That being said, the delay is because Bethesda wants to make some changes to the game, including the removal of some wait timers, some loot rebalancing, and a new PvP mode. Maybe that can turn some heads.

Hey, remember how Roblox is actually like one of the biggest games in the Western world right now? Well here is another statistic for you in case you wanted a reminder. The mobile version of the game alone has surpassed 1 billion dollars in gross revenue. And in case you forgot, back in August they reported 100 million monthly active users. That’s not registered accounts, that’s how people play each month. That level of popularity blows me away, because the playerbase is not equivalent to how often its talked about on social media.

That is all for today, I want to thank you very much for tuning in. As you know I am here every Monday through Friday with news, I’ll be back tomorrow, and until then…Happy Gaming Everyone.