Stadia pre-order changes, Summerfall Studios, IGDB, more



How’s it going everybody, Adrian Simple here from, for Thursday September 19th. I hope you’re having, or will have, a wonderful day. I certainly am, because I get to tell you about some video games. Let’s do this.

Stadia Founder’s Edition changing to Premiere Edition

When Google Stadia was first announced, the pre-order bonus was called the Founder Edition. It included a 3 month subscription to Stadia Pro, a Buddy Pass to give to a friend, a ChromeCast Ultra, and a limited edition controller. Well, it turns out that the Founder Edition is pretty much sold out, and once it is, it will be replaced with the Premier Edition. This will be the same price, $130, except it won’t have the Buddy Pass, and the controller will be a regular version. So if you’ve been wanting to get this package but haven’t yet for whatever reason, now would be the time before they sell out. We’ll get more information about the service when it releases in November, but the public won’t be able to access it until 2020.

Summerfall Studios announced

There is a new games company called Summerfall Studios. They are based out of Melbourne, Australia, and it was co-founded by David Gaider. Mr. Gaider has a very impressive history at BioWare as the lead writer of the Dragon Age franchise. Subsequently, Summerfall will have a focus on character and narrative driven games. Their first project will be announced at PAX Australia on October 11th so I’ll keep my eye out for them, hopefully it’ll be something awesome.

Twitch acquired the IGDB

Twitch has officially acquired the IGDB, or the Internet Gaming Database. Founded in 2014, the IGDB is dedicated to creating the most comprehensive catalogue of video games – much like it’s movie counterpart, IMDB. Not only do I frequently use their services, but developers across the world have made use of their extensive API, which has both free and paid versions. Well, with this acquisition, all versions of the API will be free, so its open access to all of their information. Other than financial resources, we don’t yet know what this entails for their operations, but hopefully its only good things.

BioWare says they’re tackling the core issues of Anthem

BioWare just gave us a little update about what’s going on with Anthem. Essentially, they had previously planned 3 post-release updates, but those ended up getting pretty heavily delayed. Now, they’re saying that the previous plan is being thrown out the window, and instead they’ll be moving to seasonal updates so that they can tackle the core issues with the game. Obviously with it doing so poorly, and their continued investment into the IP, it’ll take some reworking before they gain the trust of the community again. That’s better than leaving it for dead, I suppose.

That’s going to be all for today. Big thanks to Julie, Tom, and Alex for their 5-star Amazon reviews, I greatly appreciate that. Anyway I’ll be back tomorrow with the news and until then…Happy Gaming everyone!