Square Enix Q1, consoles to require loot box odds in new games, more



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Square Enix Q1 financial results

Square Enix had their Q1 financial results. The company overall is doing quite well for themselves, with operating income up 85% year over year. The video game division, which is the largest one in the company, had a marginal increase, with sales up 5%. There was a highlight of the console releases for Final Fantasy X, X-2, and XIII. They also pointed out the success of MMO Final Fantasy XIV and its most recent expansion, “Shadowbringers”. So it wasn’t a huge quarter in terms of gaming for them, but at least they’re not declining.

Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo to require loot box odds in all games released on their consoles

So the Entertainment Software Association just made a pretty heavy announcement at an FTC workshop they just attended. Turns out that Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo have all committed to a new requirement that games sold on their platform must disclose the probabilities of loot boxes. This means that any new game that comes out on consoles, or retroactively adds loot boxes in an update, must share the rarity chances. This is something that both Apple and Google have done with their app stores on mobile, so it’s nice to see that others are following suit. Not only that, but some publishers that are members of the ESA have also pledged the same thing. There are a lot of companies here, but it includes Activision Blizzard, Take-Two, Bungie, EA, and much more. There are still some members that haven’t pledged, but I’m sure that kind of thing will come in time. This is awesome news, and I’m excited to see it become an industry standard. All these commitments should be enacted by the end of 2020.

Valve now manually approving new release dates on Steam to prevent manipulation of algorithm

Valve appears to be solving a long-complained issue with the Steam store. You see, some developers were taking advantage of the Popular Upcoming list, which featured games that were soon to release. What they would do is constantly change the release date of their game so that it was featured on the list for a long time. Well, now it turns out that if you want to change your release date, you have to do it manually through Valve. You also have to give a reason, and have a reasonable certainty that the game will release on that date. It’s great to see action on this, because I know people have been worried about it for a while. It’s not the most elegant solution, but it’s better than nothing.

Apex Legends adding solos mode

The hit battle royale Apex Legends will soon be trying out a solos mode. It plays for a limited time between August 13th and 27th, where Respawn will be able to figure out if it’s worth keeping around. I figured I’d let you know, because I’ve heard of a lot of people not enjoying the game because they were forced into teams. And I’d just like to add that this game is still excellent, and is still probably the best of its genre.

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