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OCTOBER 8, 2020

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PS5 Teardown

Sony just released a video tearing down the Playstation 5 to show off what the hardware has to offer. There are certainly some interesting tidbits from it.

First of all, the console is…hefty, to say the least. It quickly became evident that they use the space for good reason though — the console is built for performance. One of the biggest complaints about the PS4 is how loud it is, even for simple tasks. In the video, they show very large fans, vents, and exhaust ports, which will hopefully mitigate some of those issues.

Changing the console from vertical to horizontal is not as easy as just turning it around. The base needs to be unscrewed and reapplied to a different spot, because the PS5 itself can’t actually sit flat.

Perhaps the most interesting part is that the white panels on the side are incredibly easy to take off — necessary if you want access to the dust traps and storage expansion. I imagine there are going to be a lot of customization options there, from separately sold panels, to even putting some art on it yourself!

If you’re super into tech, you should check out the video. They fully take apart all the pieces and show off things that I didn’t necessarily understand.

Trophy Update

Sony has also made a blog post about changes heading to their trophies system, which should now be in effect (if not soon).

The big change is that the trophy level scale is changing from 1-100, to 1-999.

…so following this update, your Trophy level will automatically be remapped to a new level within this new range based on the Trophies you’ve earned to date. For example, if your current Trophy level is 12, your new level will jump to somewhere in the low 200’s.

This comes along with new trophy icons, depending on the level.


Steam Game Festival – Autumn Edition

In less than a year Valve has held three “Steam Game Festivals”. Today, the fourth one begins.

If you’ve never seen it — hundreds of games get playable, limited-time demos. Many of those demos are even for games that aren’t out yet. It’s also a great way to discover titles that you haven’t heard of before. Multiple in-app livestreams occur as well, with developers playing their own game.

If nothing else, it’s a great way to try out different flavours of games, without a significant time or cost investment.

New Chat Filter

Another new feature to the app is chat filtering, which lets you set preferences for how much profanity you want to see in Steam chat. By default it filters slurs from people you don’t know, and you can also set custom words/phrases that you want hidden.

“‘We believe this level of control is especially important given that language is constantly evolving and is used differently among various communities around the world,’ Valve said. ‘With Steam chat filtering, we’ve made sure you can choose to filter language as much as you want, or not at all.’”

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