Sony + Ubisoft Q2 financial results, Modern Warfare launch, more


How’s it going everybody, Adrian Simple here from, for Thursday, October 31st. Today’s spooky intro music courtesy of the game Golf It. Let’s talk video games.

Sony/Playstation Q2 results. PS4 records.

Today’s news is all numbers, let’s start with Sony’s Q2. The Playstation division of the company had sales down 17% year over year, which is equal to around $900 million, and income was down 28%. This decline was attributed to a decrease in overall sales of course, but we’re also heading into a new console generation so we’ll usually see slumps like this. On the positive side, Playstation Plus continues to grow for them, in part because the Playstation 4 has now shipped 102.8 million units worldwide. This now makes it the second best selling home console of all time, just beating out the original Playstation and the Nintendo Wii, and not doing as well as the Playstation 2, which has sold about 50 million more units. So now Sony has the top three best selling home consoles of all time, quite the achievement. Sony overall did pretty well, revenue was only down 3% and income up 16, so they’ve got no problems; they’re heading into the next generation just fine.

Ubisoft Q2 results.

Ubisoft also had their Q2 results. As expected, everything is down, sales 9%, bookings 5%. If you remember they came out last week basically saying ‘hey, things aren’t looking too hot and we need to delay some games’, so they’re not in the best spot right now. That being said, business is still doing fine, they got lots of sales from their back catalog, and I guess they’re happy with the performance on PC as well. As they’ve already said, their forecasts are much lower because of the game delays, but that means most of their new games will come out between 2021 and 2022 so they’re going to make up for a lot of what they lose, unless they just point out a bunch of Ghost Recon: Breakpoints. The only other note is that they are currently working on implementing full crossplay on most of the all of the PvP games that they own. Currently it’s just Brawlhalla, but that will eventually become Rainbow Six Siege, The Division 2, For Honor, and everything else they’ve got.

Modern Warfare launch financials

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is the fastest selling entry for the franchise this generation, and that’s a key note THIS generation, grosing $600 million in three days. That’s about $100 million more than Black Ops IIII. And just for context, Blacks Ops II did about $500 million in 1 day, so this figure isn’t even that wild for the series. That being said, it’s the biggest digital opening that Activision has ever had, and the biggest PC launch the series has ever had. Crazy crazy stuff here.

Mitsubishi pulls sponsorship from Activision

Speaking of Activison, it looks like the Blitzchung controversy has actually had some real impact on them. One of their major sponsors for the Hearthstone tournaments that Blitzchung was a part of has pulled out, that company Mitsubishi. This wasn’t very publicised, people just noticed that the logo dissapeared, but this is actually very interesting, because things like this are what actually get companies to change. Keep in mind that this is a company that let go of 800 people at the same time as announcing record profits — the only thing they listen to is the bottom dollar, and this might just be the first step. Folks, Blizzcon begins tomorrow. The protest is being organized, Blizzard has some crazy things to announce, and we’re gonna see how it all plays out. I’ll likely have the full news from that on Monday.

That’s the news for today. A big thanks to Naomi and Don for leaving me 5-star reviews on Amazon. Don also said he wants to hear more about esports, I’m right there with you buddy, esports is a pretty bad blindspot for me, so I’ll try and be better. I will be back tomorrow, as I am every day, and until then…Happy Gaming everyone.