Sony, Microsoft, Take-Two, and Valorant!

AUGUST 4, 2020

Daily Gaming Update

How’s it going everybody, Adrian Simple here from The Gaming Observer and welcome back to your daily update for Tuesday, August 4th. We’ve got lots of interesting things to take a look at today, so let’s kick things off with Playstation.
So unfortunately it’s a lot of bad news from Playstation today, which normally I don’t like to elevate on a show like this, but I think all of this stuff is important. First of all, we now know that the Playstation 4 controller is not going to be compatible with the Playstation 5, and vice versa — the PS5 controller won’t work on PS4. There are some exceptions, but nothing worth noting. Now obviously every purchase of a Playstation 5 will have controllers come with it, but this won’t allow you to have second controller on hand. Other PS4 accessories like racing wheels and arcade sticks will be compatible however. It’s at this point that I should mention that if this is a big deal to you, the Xbox Series X is fully compatible forwards and backwards with its controllers. The other bad news item here is that the new Avengers game has just confirmed that Spiderman is going to be a post-launch playable character, but he will be exclusive to the Playstation. So I guess for Playstation users its good news, but for anybody else, it means no access to a very popular character in that universe, which obviously isn’t great. The next time we will hear from Sony is their next State of Play event on August 6th, just a few days, but there won’t be any major announcements there. They’ll talk about some games, but otherwise they are tempering expectations.
Over on the Microsoft side of things, the news isn’t as exciting, but stuff is still happening. It looks like the Xbox Storefront is going to be getting a complete overhaul sometime this fall. They showed off some video of it, and I’ve got to say it’s much much better than what they have right now. Not only is it easier to navigate around, but the backend has been updated as well, so it’s much fast er. I hope they are able to translate this into something for the PC storefront as well, because that is just so difficult to use right now. The other new thing, which is admittedly pretty minor, is that they have removed one of the stickers for Xbox Series X physical boxes. They had this giant blob on the cover that indicated that a game was optimized for the Series X, and I guess people didn’t like it, so they moved it to the back. The cover looks much nicer now.
Take-Two Interactive had their Q1 financial results. I’m not going to go through all the numbers, I’ll just say they are making a lot of money. GTA V had its best Q1 ever, now having sold 135 million units. Red Dead Redemption 2 also had a better Q1 than its previous, with 32 million units sold. I think the real interesting takeaway though is that they’ve followed up on the price hike that they made to NBA 2K21, which is going from the typical $60 up to $70. They’ve confirmed that they won’t be making a price increase for every game they make, but are addressing it on a title by title basis. For what its worth, it doesn’t seem like the industry is going to lean that way right now. Some companies, such as Ubisoft, have even confirmed that they aren’t making a hike like that, so. We’ll see how it plays out.
The first person shooter Valorant is going to be getting a new gamemode, which is a free-for-all deathmatch. This one is going to lean into a more traditional shooter, where there are no abilities allowed, and you get unlimited money to just have whatever loadout you want. So if you didn’t like all the extra stuff in Valorant, this might be for you. Though you might just want to play Counter Strike in that case. Alongside the game mode will be the second Season of the game, which brings a new battle pass and of course some cosmetics. All of this should be available now, or sometime tomorrow.