Solid Snake appears at EVO, Metal Wolf Chaos XD, more



Hey everybody. This is Katosepe from The Gaming Observer. It is Tuesday, August 6th, and I am covering for Adrian today while he’s celebrating his anniversary. Make sure to send he and Shelby good wishes over on Twitter @Gaming_Observer. As always, head over to for links and a transcript from today’s recording.

Alan Wake and For Honor free on the Epic Games Store

The Epic Game Store is giving away two free games this week: Alan Wake and For Honor. For Honor is the competitive medieval third-person action game from Ubisoft released only a couple of years ago that has players battle it out as either samurai, knights or vikings. I have not played it myself but I have heard that updates have greatly improved the game since launch. Alan Wake is a horror game developed by Remedy Entertainment, the creators of Quantum Break and the upcoming Control. Alan Wake has been out for a while now but it is still very worth playing if you haven’t tried it. It’s one of my favorite games from the Xbox 360 library and you just can’t get a better deal than free. So head over to the Epic Game Store if you want to add Alan Wake and For Honor to your gaming library.

Solid Snake makes a cameo at EVO, without anybody’s permission

The popular EVO fighting game tournament wrapped up this weekend and while the tournament saw many fantastic moments for fight fans, organizers found themselves needing to explain one moment in particular. During the Tekken portion of the tournament, there was a brief video showing the character Solid Snake from the Metal Gear Solid series praising the Tekken players and the game. Many players thought this may be hinting at Solid Snake appearing as a playable character in future DLC for the Tekken series, a series known for bringing in guest characters from other franchises. EVO has confirmed, via their Twitter account, that this is not the case and they created the video themselves without any involvement by Bandai Namco or David Hayter, the voice actor behind Solid Snake.

Metal Wolf Chaos XD makes a surprise release

FromSoftware announced that Metal Wolf Chaos XD will be releasing on August 6th so by the time most of you hear this, it should already be available on PC, Xbox One and PS4. Metal Wolf Chaos was an off-the-wall release on the original Xbox back in 2004 where players play as the fictional President of the United States, piloting a mech to win a civil war. It’s goofy and ridiculous but was, unfortunately, never released outside of Japan until now. If you like games that take crazy to a new level, Metal Wolf Chaos XD is worth checking out.

That’s all the news I have for you today. Thank you so much to Adrian and to all of you for letting me on The Gaming Observer today, it has been a blast. If you like hearing about retro games and gaming history, maybe check out my Flash Briefing, Video Game of the Day, where we talk about a game from any generation each day. Adrian will be back tomorrow so until then, happy gaming everyone.


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