Sherlock being de-listed, Mario Kart Tour success, more



How’s it going everybody, Adrian Simple here from, for Friday September 27th. I was bad today I didn’t play any video games and instead I just watched Captain America. Nonetheless we’ve got some news to cover, lets get into it.

Sherlock games being de-listed, developers Frogwares trying to stop it

The Ukrainian game developer responsible for the Sherlock Holmes games, Frogwares, seem to be in quite a pickle right now. Essentially a number of their games are being pulled from both console and Steam storefronts, and it’s totally out of their hands. Their contract with publisher Focus Home Interactive has ended, and they have since refused to hand over the rights back to Frogwares. Apparently Focus Home has a policy that they will not transfer rights back to developers, but Frogwares claims that this was never in their contracts. They say that these games being pulled will lose them a lot of money, and they’re still doing their best to recoup from the situation. We’ll see how things go for them but I really hope that they can figure something out. Sherlock has been a staple of the detective genre for a long while, and I’d hate to see them go away.

Mario Kart Tour is the most popular Nintendo mobile launch ever

Remember yesterday when I talked about Mario Kart Tour and Nintendo trying out a new subscription model? Well after only one day, we’ve got some insights. First of all their marketing team must have done really well, because it has more downloads in its first 24 hours than any other title they’ve ever released on mobile. It’s sitting around 20million installs, with the runner up being Super Mario Run with 7 million. As for revenue, the game has made around $1 million on the microtransactions, which certainly is nothing to sneeze at. That being said the subscription has been the most popular purchase, but we won’t know how much revenue they make just yet because it gives a 2-week trial period. Either way it’s off to a strong start, and we’ll know just how strong in a few weeks.

No multiplayer in Last of Us Part II

The Last of Us Part II has been in the marketing cycle recently, and the most recent bit of news is that it will not have a multiplayer. Back in 2018 they said there was going to be one, but evidently something changed in the development process. So for those of you who loved the unique Factions mode, I’m sorry to deliver the bad news. That being said, with the way games are, it’s not out of the question that it won’t arrive in the future. Naughty Dog might just be interested in getting some kind of games as a service going with that franchise.

Metro 2033 Redux and Everything free on EGS

Last week, the Epic Games Store gave away 6 different Batman games for free. This week, they’ve got Metro 2033. An insanely atmospheric FPS, if you haven’t played it you definitely should. They’re also giving away the game called Everything, which has an interesting concept of being able to inhabit literally anything in the universe. Go pick up those absolutely free games, I promise you won’t regret it.

That’s all the news for today, a big thanks to Joe and Shmitty for their 5-star Amazon reviews. And of course a huge shoutout to my Patreon supporters, especially Brandon. I’ll be back tomorrow as scheduled and until then…Happy Gaming everyone!