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How’s it going everybody, Adrian Simple here from, and welcome to your Daily Gaming Update for Thursday, November 21st.

Shenmue III has been out for a few days now, and the reviews have finally rolled out. They were having some issues with embaragoes, so they haven’t had a ton of time with the game, but there’s definitely there to get an impression of the game. Essentially, Shenmue III, is a sequel to Shenmue II in every way. The story picks up immediately where it left off, it has the same gameplay loop, the same combat, and even the same menu fonts. Thus, if you loved the first ones, you’ll love this one, because it has even more to love. All the reviews I read were made by people who were fans of the first two games, and they all admitted that people who will enter the series for the first time probably won’t enjoy it because of how outdated it feels. Martin Robinson of Eurogamer put it nicely, “This isn’t the game to make a Shenmue devotee of the doubtful, and the curious circumstances behind Shenmue 3’s development have made for a curious game; completely ignorant of modern trends in open world gaming, or indeed trends of the last 20 years, it’s as if it has been developed in a sealed bubble, emerging as a relic of the past.”

Producer and co-designer of EverQuest, Brad McQuaid, has passed away at the age of 51. He was very well known for his work on a number of MMOs, including the Everquest sequel, Planetside, and Star Wars: Galaxies. His team at Visionary Realms will continue is work on his latest game Pantheon. Director of Comms Benjamin Dean said “[Brad] touched thousands of lives with his dreams and concepts. He changed the landscape of video games forever. He will be deeply missed and forever remembered in life and in Pantheon.” My thoughts are with his family today.

The founder of Arkane Studios, Raphael Colantonio has returned to the gaming industry to create a brand new studio called WolfEye, alongside felloy Arkane veteran Julien Roby. By the way Arkane is the studio behind Dishonored and Prey, so these guys have a great portfolio. With the creation of WolfEye, they’re saying that they want to focus on games that have player agency, where the world reacts to decisions, and the experience is unique to the player. This focus comes about because Colantonio was having trouble at Arkane because they were constantly trying to build games with bigger and better graphics and that limited his design. So now he gets the chance to have some creative freedom with a game that doesn’t have a AAA big-budget. News of their first project will come at the Game Awards this year.

Ok so we’ve actually got some board game news here. First of all, Rebellion has announced a new division of their company called Rebellion Unplugged, which will be all about board games. Their first one will be called Sniper Elite: The Board Game, which probably isn’t too surprising. The public can get their hands on it for the first time at PAX Unplugged in Philadelphia next month, and a Kickstarter in 2020. Also in board game news is Larian Studios, who have announced a board game for Divinity Original Sin. They also went the Kickstarter route, and hit their $160,000 goal in one day, so you now have 29 days if you wish to claim any of the benefits from that without having to worry about them making their goal.

Hey folks, just wanted to give you a heads up that Amazon’s Black Friday deals will be starting tomorrow on the 22nd, and a lot of Alexa devices are going on sale. If you know of any friends or family who may be purchasing one, it’d really mean a lot to me if you could let them know about this show, discoverability is really tough on this platform and any word of mouth helps. Thanks a lot everyone.

That is all for today, as you know I am here every Monday through Friday with news, I’ll be back tomorrow, and until then…Happy Gaming Everyone.