Rune II code returns to publisher, STALKER 2 news, GTA V on XGP, more

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How’s it going everybody, Adrian Simple here from and welcome to your daily gaming update for Monday, January 6th. We have lots of news to talk about today, so let’s get into it.

Ragnarok supposedly gets back game code for Rune II

It looks like the publishers of Rune II have finally reacquired the games assets and source code, and may have the ability to resume development on the game. If you don’t know about this situation, basically Rune II was developed by a company called Human Head Studios, but immediately after launching the game they announced that they were acquired by Bethesda and renamed to Roundhouse Studios. Now the publishers, Ragnarok, have the rights to the game, but all of the code was in the hands of Human Head, who took a long time to hand it over, so Ragnarok wasn’t able to find a new development partner to keep the game updated, nor even update it themselves. This was on top of issues of the company not fulfilling some of their contract requirements. So now, Ragnarok supposedly has a harddrive with all of the content they need, and the company can continue with both updates to the game, as well as their $100 million lawsuit against Human Head Studios for fraud, breach of contract, and unfair business practices.

S.T.A.L.K.E.R 2 announces development on Unreal Engine 

We got some more information about S.T.A.L.K.E.R 2 provided by a brand new twitter account from the developers of the game. They came out announcing that the game will be built on Unreal Engine, as opposed to the previous in the franchise which were developed in the X-Ray Engine. They say that this will allow them to make the game more realistic, and will open some modding opportunities for the community. And, “Yes, we know what you are thinking about, but this announcment has nothing to do with platforms or digital stores. We will talk about this later.” Surely this is in reference to platform exclusivity, so we’ll what happens there on another day.

GTA V hits the Xbox Game Pass

The Xbox Game Pass keeps it coming with the heavy hitters with Grand Theft Auto V making its way to the subscription service a few days ago. And here’s something that Eurogamer said “TO date, GTA5 has earned more than $6 billion. It joining Xbox Game Pass now feels akin to it going free-to-play in order to attract more players to its Online portion.” I think this is certainly an apt observation, the game has definitely done the best it can probably do in retail purchases, and so now they want ease of access to the Online mode for the infamous shark cards. So there you have it, GTA joins games like The Outer Worlds, Gears 5, and The Witcher 3, plus hundreds more games. And if you’re subscribing for the first time, you can get 3 months for $1 I highly reccomend it even if you’re just a PC player.

AGDQ begins, check it out!

Hey, if you’re interested in speedrunning, the yearly Awesome Games Done Quick event has begun and will continue until January 11th. As usual there are tons of different games being played with various goals and races. And if you have never tuned in to an AGDQ before I heavily encourage you to check it out at least once, maybe for the game you’re most interested in. They’re super beginner friendly, they explain everything that’s going on, and they do a lot for charity, it’s lots of fun.

Okay that is going to be all for today, I’d like to thank you very much for tuning in, and I’d also like to thank C. Noonan III, Jason, Kyle, and bmccabe all for leaving me 5-star reviews on Amazon. As you know I am here every Monday-Friday with the news, which means I’ll be back tomorrow and until then…happy gaming everyone.