Rockstar Launcher, E3 is a festival now, more



How’s it going everybody, Adrian Simple here from, for Wednesday September 18th, and hey if you haven’t already, check out the subreddit r/TheGamingObserver. Let’s get started!

Rockstar Games Launcher announced

In a move that I’m surprised didn’t happen earlier, Rockstar has officially thrown their hat into the PC game launcher pool. It’s free to download and currently has 7 titles up for sale, which consist of the following: Bully, L.A. Noire, Max Payne 3, and then GTA Vice City, San Andreas, III and V. If you download the launcher within a limited time, you’ll receive San Andreas for free, so they’ve got an incentive there. Also if you own any of those game it will automatically detect it on your machine, so you don’t have to rebuy. They also support cloud saves. This move isn’t entirely surprising, when you look at something like Activision Blizzard’s success with their platform, I find things like this almost inevitable. No word yet on how the launcher performs, but that will be explained in time. Anyway, I’m sure this is preemptive for some kind of RDR 2 PC release, so keep your ears open.

E3 2020 will be more like a festival than a trade show

It looks like E3 is going to be taking a dramatic new approach to their event in 2020. The intention will be for it to become a “fan, media, and influencer festival.” Public badges will go from 15,000 to 25,000, and the show floor will have less booths and more experience hubs, as they call them. So essentially, instead of this being a trade show where industry professionals can connect, it’ll more like a festival, with a focus on celebrities and advertisements. Considering the dozens and dozens of other game festivals that exist, I’m not entirely sure this is a move people want. It’s also worth keeping in mind that for the last two years, the people behind E3 had a massive data breach that leaked the personal information of over 2,000 media attendees. This issue has still not been addressed by the ESA.

League is played by 8 million concurrent players per day

League of Legends has just shared a statistic with it celebrating its 10 year anniversary. Every single day, there are about 8 million people that play the game concurrently. They claim that this makes it the biggest PC game in the world, and bigger than the top ten games on Steam combined. Now I’m not sure if that’s necessarily true, Fortnite has said that they’ve gotten to 8.3 million last November, but obviously its still incredibly impressive. If you’d like to celebrate the anniversary, check out their livestream on October 15th.

Mini Motorways announced

Mini Metro is getting a sequel called Mini Motorways. This is a very minimilistic game that got a lot of popularily on mobile, but was also played heavily on PC. Mini Motorways will obviously involved cars instead of subways, but you can get it through Apple Arcade when it releases in a few days, and on Steam in 2020.

That’s going to be all for today. Before we go away I just want to say that I’m in the middle of What Remains of Edith Finch. It’s a wonderful little story, it’s about 2 hours, so maybe next time you’re thinking of putting on a movie you could try out this game instead. Anyway I’ll be back tomorrow with the news and until then…Happy Gaming everyone!