Rockstar improving work culture, next Supermassive game, more

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How’s it going everybody, Adrian Simple here and welcome back to The Gaming Observer. It is Thursday, April 16th, super excited to be with you here today, I hope you’re doing well, let’s talk about Rockstar.

Let’s talk about Rockstar. After Red Dead Redemption 2 released, Kotaku ended up releasing this huge expose talking about the horrible work culture of the company. You might remember it all stemmed from one of the executives talking about how some of the team were working 100 hour work weeks to get the game done. There was also reports of it running like a “frat house.” Nonetheless, ever since that whole controversy sparked up, Rockstar has been working towards fixing its issues, and apparently it seems to be working. Anonymous employees are describing it as a healthier culture overall, even with the work slowing down and staff now working from home. Many of those in positions of leadership who were propogating this culture have been replaced, and they are actively doing some things to mitigate crunch for their next game, which is the next GTA. One of those plans is to release a moderately sized game, at least compared to their other releases, which they then update over time. The only caveat here is that they are still in early development. We don’t know how they’ll react when the pressure is on, and of course not all of the problems that they had can be fixed in just 2 years. I’ll finish up this segment with a quote from the Kotaku article, “Even those who spoke the most optimistically of Rockstar’s cultural changes were quick to mention that it has been and will continue to be a slow, sweeping process, one that may take years to fully come to fruition. But some whoere were making exit plans two years ago now say they can see themselves staying at Rockstar for the long haul, as long as this trajectory continues. Cautious optimism is the common theme.”

Supermassive Games, the developers most well known for Until Dawn, have just announced the newest game in the Dark Pictures Anthology, called Little Hope. The first in this series being Man of Medan, which came out last year. The trailer is super spooky, and a little brutal so viewer discretion there, but this next game will be taking us to the 1600s in a story of witch hunting. I know a lot of people like these types of sort of interactive drama games, and Man of Medan was received well. This comes out sometime this summer, but more details on that will arrive soon.

World War Z, the zombie game from Saber, has just announced that it will soon be ported to the Nintendo Switch. More important however, is that a Game of the Year edition is on the way, which will include all of the DLC of the game as well as some additional content. That comes out May 5th, and has a $50 price tag. I’ve heard good things about this, though I haven’t played it myself. I’ve seen everybody say that it feels like a Left 4 Dead game, they all reccomend you play it co-op.

Super quick reminder that Assassin’s Creed 2 is now available for free to PC user on uPlay. Go pick it up.

Alright everyone, thanks very much for joining me. I’d also like to thank Alexandria for leaving me a 5-star review on Amazon. That’ll be all for today, and I’ll be back tomorrow with the news, until then, Happy Gaming Everyone