Riot settles at $10M, Mario Maker 2 adding Link, more



How’s it going everybody, Adrian Simple here from and welcome to your daily gaming update for Tuesday, December 3rd.

Riot Games has settled their discriminiation lawsuit that began around this time last year. In the settlement, Riot will be paying out a collective $10 million dollars to every woman who has been employed by the company in the last five years. Apparently this is one of the largest gender discrimination settlements in Californian history. Each person on the receiving end of that $10 million will get some kind of cut that is determined by their tenure, length, and status as an employee. If you aren’t in the loop, the lawsuit kicked off in the first place because of a report by Kotaku investigating rampant sexism issues at Riot, with women working at a systematic disadvantage. In the last year the company has made a number of efforts to turn things around, including a new recruitment process, hiring a Chief Diversity Officer, and appointing women into leadership positions. Employees have actually come out to say that those efforts have been worthwhile, however it is marred by the fact that many of the alleged abusers within the company have remained at the company.

Super Mario Maker 2 is getting a signficant content update for December 5th of this year. It’s going to add a number of items into the game that creators will be able to play around with, including new P and Dash Blocks, the frozen coin, and the enemies Spike and Pokey. The biggest new addition though, is the addition of the Master Sword from The Legend of Zelda. When Mario picks it up, he literally turns into Link, and acquires a whole new moveset. You can slice enemies with his sword, block attacks with his shield, throw bombs, shoot arrows, and even more. Each of those things have their own interactions with other objects in the game, so it’s going to drive a lot of innovation. All of that is rounded out by a new game mode called Ninji speed runs, which are Nintendo-created levels where you are meant to speedrun against your friends.

Star Citizen has now passed $250 million raised through crowdfunding. It has been in development for eight years, and still remains unfinished thanks to their incredible ambitions, but there have also been some accusations of mismanagement. That $250 million has been sourced from more than 2.4 million players, with an additional $46 million coming private investments. It raised $9 million in november alone thanks to CitizenCon. And for what its worth, that 250 number is bigger than like every AAA game budget in history. Modern Warfare 2 and GTA V are both at the top with around that same number 250-275 million. Not only is that crazy for crowdfunding, but also how much do we talk about Star Citizen as opposed to those other two games? Quite the dichotomy.

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