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Riot Games refuses to submit to protesters

Let me tell you what’s going on over at Riot Games. Currently, there are former employees that are suing Riot, and in response they are enacting something called forced arbitration, which is a clause that people sign upon being hired saying that they legally cannot sue the company. When it comes to sexual harrassment claims, lots of major corporations have done away with forced arbitration: Facebook and Google included, because it’s a pretty scummy legal thing. Last week when I was away, current Riot Games employees actually had an organized walkout in protest of this forced arbitration. Well, today Riot Games has pretty much said “suck it up buttercup”. They’re still doing it. Now, they are making some change, saying that it will never again be included in a contract, and current employees can now opt-out of it. But the current litigation is staying. Many are upset by this. Some of the women suing were subject to multiple examples of sexual harrassment in the company, which are well documented. They should have the right to defend themselves, and to ensure that future women are in a safe workplace.

Epic Mega Sale has problems

Epic Games started their first major store sale, and it has had some hiccups. While the deals may be pretty good, there’s also been some confusion. Some games have dissapeared from the store completely; Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines 2 and Oxygen Not Included among them. People are speculating that they pulled the games because it devalues them before their official release. Hades also had its price jumping around like crazy while it figured out how much it was supposed to cost. Anyway, it seems like the dust has settled, and the sales will be there for the next month or so.

Minecraft Earth announced – new mobile AR game

The newest Pokemon Go-like game comes from Minecraft. That’s right, it’s called Minecraft Earth, and it’s an AR smartphone game. The gimmick on this one is that you will be able to build structures using Minecraft blocks, and place them permanently in the world. The idea will be that everyone is in a shared world, so we’ll see what happens in terms of policing content and keeping it safe for children to browse.

Free game: Guacamelee Super Turbo Championship Edition

Guacamelee: Super Turbo Championship Edition is currently free over on the Humble store. I haven’t played it yet, but it’s in my backlog, and certainly many people love the game, be sure to pick it up.

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