Resident Evil 3 remake reviews, Mount and Blade II released, more

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How’s it going everybody, Adrian Simple here and welcome back to The Gaming Observer. It is Tuesday March 31st, and we’ve got lots cover so let’s jump in.

The Resident Evil 3 remake is releasing on Friday, and the review embargo has just lifted. The game is getting generally favourable reviews, some outlets went as low as 6/10, but a lot of them are 8 or above. After reading some reviews, it seems like the general sentiment is that the game is good, but not the blowaway success that RE2 was last year. People felt it was shorter than it should have been, saying that sometimes it felt rushed or even just they wanted more to do. Eurogamer says that it s more of an action-oriented game than RE2, so less creepyness and more shooting. In terms of comparing it to the game it is remaking, the original RE3, some pretty big changes were made. There are less puzzles, which was a common complaint, and apparently it lacks the branching story paths that once existed as well. All of that being said, the game did generally have more positives than negatives, as Polygon puts it nicely here “Were it not for the high expectations set by Resident Evil 2, Capcom’s similarly lavish remake of Resident Evil 3 would stand out as a gorgeous example of a survival horror game lovingly and painstakingly reimagined.” So it’s definitely worth checking out, whether or not you played the last remake they did.

Mount and Blade II: Bannerlord has just released in Early Access on Steam, and boy has it ever had a positive reception. According to the developers, it took just over an hour to reach 100,000 concurrent players and 1200 Steam reviews. Yesterday, it had a peak concurrent player count of close to 200,000. Apparently this makes it in the biggest launch on Steam in 2020, which is crazy when you consider Doom Eternal was also a game that came out this year. They plan to be in Early Access for about a year, and I do reccomend you check this game out. It’s definitely not for everyone, but the first game got a huge reputation for being an open sandbox, with the idea being that they drop you into a medieval world, and you can just do whatever you want. I love the idea of that, and while I haven’t played the game, it is critically acclaimed. Once again, thats Mount and Blade II: Bannerlord.

HQ Trivia, the very famous app which eventually had a very famous downfall, has just been resurrected after only a month. If you happen to not know about this, its a live trivia show where you can compete for real money every single day. Well, it’s now back with a private investor, and with a regular schedule currently in the works.

Well this story is the opposite of a revival, unfortunately the Offical Xbox Magazine has now closed down. Apparently the decline in gaming retail impacted the sales of the magazines, and they did their best to keep it running to no avail. OXM started in 2001, near the launch of the original Xbox, and most recently it had content posted digitally to Sad to see to it go, but of course sometimes this feels inevitable as gaming and technology evolve.

Cloud Imperium are the developers of Star Citizen, and they just received another $17 million in investments. This money comes from a group of investors that previously contributed a combined $46 million, and the game overall has raised closed to $340 million, of course most of that being crowdfunded. It’s an absolute bonkers amount of money, I only wish it could have been used more effectively.

Alright thank you so much for tuning in, and also a huge thank you to K. Lin for leaving me a 5-star review on Amazon. I’ll be back tomorrow with the news as I am every Monday through Friday, and until then…Happy Gaming everyone.